Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus – software tools

open source

The analysis tool under development for this project is available as a Java WebStart software tool which you can start by clicking on this button:

Additionally, the software and plugins are available for download at :

This software connects a modnlp based concordance browser to the most recent update of the genealogies corpus.

The corpus may be filtered in a number of ways using the inbuilt sub-corpus selection tool and meta data for the corpus files are made available through the tool.

Extra functionality is included through the plugin interface. Experimental plugins such as Concordance Mosaic and Concordance Tree enable exploratory analysis of the corpus through visual interfaces.

Concordance Mosaic currently displays concordance lists in a manner which emphasizes positional information such as frequency and collocation strength. This may aid in identification of important patterns within the concordance under analysis.

Concordance Tree displays the branching of a concordances single sided context to help identify patterns within the concordance.

The modnlp/tec tools have also been used by the European Parliamentary Comparable and Parallel Corpora project (ECPC) coordinated by Dr. Calzada Pérez (Universitat Jaume I, Spain), and by the Translational English Corpus, which has been collected and maintained under Prof Mona Baker’s supervision at the University of Manchester,University of Edinburgh and made available on the Internet through the Genealogies of Knowledge project website, in a collaboration between The University of Edinburgh and The University of Manchester.