The Palestinian Animal League (PAL) reports on ‘Developing and Translating Rights’ event

The blog post reproduced below was written by a member of the Palestinian Animal League (PAL). It reports on the recent Developing and Translating Rights event, hosted by the Genealogies of Knowledge project and held at the University of Manchester on 19th June 2018. PAL in UK PAL was pleased to be invited to an event organised by the Centre for Translation and

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Genealogies of Knowledge Software – Developments and Enhancements

The Genealogies of Knowledge project has recently announced the release of the GoK corpus browser interface for researchers wishing to work with the range of corpora developed as part of this project. This is a substantial resource which is constantly being expanded. It currently consists of the following sections: Modern English Corpus: 17,757,212 tokens Internet English Corpus: 1,201,414 tokens Classical Greek

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A host of tongues.. Multilingualism, lingua franca and translation in the Early Modern period

A host of tongues…: Multilingualism, lingua franca and translation in the Early Modern period

Call for Papers 13-15 December 2018 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon Conference Website In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the linguistic situation in Europe was one of remarkable fluidity. Latin, the great scholarly lingua franca of the medieval period, was beginning to crack as the tectonic plates shifted beneath it, but the vernaculars had not

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Digital Research Tool For Classical Scholars

Greek Verses on the Goddess Cybele from the Red Sea Port City of Berenike.

Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri provides access to fragments of ancient literature The Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri (DCLP), a new digital tool for researching ancient literature, is now available. Scholars from Heidelberg University and New York University (USA) spearheaded the development of the newly released open-access database, which offers information about and transcripts of Greek and Latin texts preserved

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‘Developing and Translating Rights’ event

Developing and Translating Rights A half-day event co-hosted by the Genealogies of Knowledge Project and the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK 19 June 2018 | Ellen Wilkinson Building, University of Manchester Programme Abstracts Registration Venue Contact About the event The concept of human rights, as enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, itself translated into more than 501

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