Rethinking Evidence in the Time of Pandemics

Scientific vs Narrative Rationality and Medical Knowledge Practices Eivind Engebretsen and Mona Baker Cambridge University Press, in press/2022 Click here to access a full copy of Chapter 1 plus excerpts from all other chapters.   This book interrogates the assumption that evidence means the same thing to different constituencies and in different contexts by outlining a more nuanced and socially

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Digital Humanities: Knowledge and Critique in a Digital Age

Digital Humanities

David M. Berry, Anders Fagerjord As the twenty-first century unfolds, computers challenge the way in which we think about culture, society and what it is to be human: areas traditionally explored by the humanities. In a world of automation, Big Data, algorithms, Google searches, digital archives, real-time streams and social networks, our use of culture has been changing dramatically. The

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Languages and Culture in History

Amsterdam University Press

The series Languages and Culture in History studies the role foreign languages have played in the creation of the linguistic and cultural heritage of Europe, both western and eastern, and at the individual, community, national or transnational level. At the heart of this series is the historical evolution of linguistic and cultural policies, internal as well as external, and their

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The construction of medieval Arab medicine

medieval Arab medicine

The construction of medieval Arab medicine Edited by Pauline Koetschet and Peter E. Pormann (2016, Institut français du Proche-Orient) The history of pre-modern Arabic medicine remains shrouded in mystery, not because we would not have sources, but because in their majority, these sources have not been edited or studied. These are the sources that form the basis of the articles

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Magna Carta – 800 years on

Magna Carta Illustration

The Guardian featured an article on the eight hundredth anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015 and the publication David Carpenter’s new translation of Magna Carta as a Penguin Classic, discussing scholarly work on the Magna Carta and its perceived and disputed historical and contemporary legacies. Magna Carta (Penguin Classics, David Carpenter, 2015)

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