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“Just Say Anything!” – The US Responds To The UN Review Of Its Human Rights Record
10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship
11 Signs Of A False Flag
5G Is An International Health Crisis In The Making
Accused Of War Crimes, Saudi Arabia Investigates Themselves And Finds No Wrongdoing
Activism For Justice
After Suing The CIA, Human Rights Group Burglarized – All Evidence Needed For Lawsuit Stolen
Airstrikes By U.S. Ally Have Killed 500 Children Since March
American Borders Will Be Changing
Amnesty International “Human Slaughterhouse” Report Lacks Evidence, Credibility, Reeks Of State Department Propaganda
Amnesty International Propaganda Targets Russia And Syria
Anonymous Attacks Saudi Government Over Crucifixion Of Protester
Another Tyrannical Success For Lieberman: Enemy Expatriation Act Now Law Under NDAA
Are We Losing Identity To The Hive?
Are You A Sovereign Citizen?
As Mexico Weighs Marijuana Legalization U.S. Cuts Aid To Mexico
As Thousands Left Homeless From Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE To Israel
Big Six Pesticide Manufacturers To Face Human Rights Tribunal
British Government Admits It Doesn’t Really Care About Human Rights
Charges Will Not Be Brought Against UN Peacekeepers In Africa Accused Of Child Abuse
Chelsea Manning Speaks Out: Seeing Victims Of War As “People” – Not “Statistics” Inspired Leaks
China Hits Out At Clinton Over Rights Criticism
Consent: The Elephant In The Room
Control Of Communicable Diseases Dissenting Comment To The CDC
Degenerates Rule America
Do “Human Rights” Organizations Merely Ask The Fox To Self-Report His Activities In The Hen House?
Don’t Mess With Soros: DCLeaks Website And Twitter Taken Down
European Court Of Human Rights Finally Uses The Word ‘Torture’ To Describe CIA Treatment Of Detainee
Ex Marine Drops Truth Bomb, Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag And War Agenda
EXPOSED: Indy “Newspaper” Funded By US Government
EXPOSED: Syrian Human Rights Front Is EU-Funded Fraud
Exposing The International Arbiters
Facebook And Israel Officially Announce Collaboration To Censor Social Media Content
Fake Everything — Confronting Our Ideological Hegemony
Find Out If You’ve Been Spied On – And Join The Fight For Privacy
Freedom Exists Under Natural Law
From Charlottesville To Boston, America Is Falling Apart At The Seams
Fundamental And Constitutional Rights Negated In The Realm Of Totalitarian Corporatocracy
George Soros Hacked, MSM Blames Russia; Many “Dissident” Orgs Revealed In Leaks
Gitmo Atrocities Continue
Harvard And Human Rights Watch Call For A Ban On “Killer Robots” Amid Geneva Talks
Hate Speech Vs. Free Speech: A Critical Analysis By Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry
Here’s How The Government Is Turning The Entire United States Into A Debt Prison
Historic Trial: Soldiers Finally Face Charges For Rape Of Mayan Women
How Can A Country That Beheads And Crucifies Protesters Win A Place On The U.N Human Rights Council?
How To Renounce Your US Citizenship And Become Stateless
How TPP Resembles NAFTA, And Why Both Create Some Of The Largest Health And Human Rights Emergencies Of Our Time
HPV Vaccines: The Pharmaceutical Menace Promoted As Prophylactic Medicine
Human Experimentation Rampant In The United States
Human Rights Activists Sent To Prison For Fort Benning Protest Against The School Of The Americas Torture Training Center
Human Rights Agency Addresses Biological Weapons Convention In Geneva, Switzerland
Human Rights Group Files Groundbreaking Document With OAS Commission, States No Justice In Guardianship Proceedings
Human Rights Ignored Amid NATO’s War In Ukraine
Human Rights Lawyers: British Civilians Are ‘Parties To Murders’ Carried Out By US Drones
Human Rights Watch Cites Al Qaeda And Collaborators In Latest Syria Report
Human Rights Watch Conducted A Biased Investigation For The School “Bombing” In Idlib
Human Rights Watch FAIL: Uses Photo Of American Bombing Destruction To Condemn Assad
Human Rights Watch Says Israeli Attacks On Palestinian Media Were Unlawful
Human Rights Watch: Obama Directive “Essentially Nullifies” Child Soldiers Law
Human Rights, Si! … But Not In Our Backyard
If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It
Israel Severs Ties With UN Human Rights Council, Bans Them From Entry Over Settlement Probe
John Kiriakou: Dangerous Apathy, Torture, And The Perilous State Of Dissent In The US
Ken O’Keefe: Become A World Citizen And Starve The State!
Libya Rebels ‘Get Message’ On Rights: US Envoy
Lies Behind The “Humanitarian War” In Libya: There Is No Evidence!
Lies, Damnable Lies And Downright Dangerous Lies
Mass Exodus — More Americans Than Ever Before In History Are Renouncing Their Citizenship
Massive Anti-Government Protests In Venezuela Worsen, Patterns Emerge
Massive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement And Clergy
Medical Doctors Question Veracity Of Footage In White Helmets Documentary; Al-Qaeda Wins Oscar
Monsanto Exposed As Source For White Phosphorus Used In Gaza Massacre
New Ontario Law Allows Gov’t To Steal Kids From Parents Who Oppose “Gender Identity”
NGOs: Choice Tool Of Subversion For The New World Order
Obama’s Human Rights Speech Ignores Illegal Israeli Occupation Of Palestine
Presumption Of Guilt Lays Foundation For U.S. Citizen Tax And Travel Laws
Recent Assad Torture Report “Caesar” Cited By Mainstream Media Debunked By Researchers
Resigning U.N. Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte Surrounded By Allegations Of Intimidation, Bullying Of Witnesses
Russia Kicked Off UN Human Rights Council, While Terrorist Saudi Arabia Re-Elected
Saudi Arabia’s Growing Body Count
Should Americans Emigrate Or Defect?
Soon Robots Will Have More Rights Than Humans
Soros Celebrates The Fall Of Tunisia
Soros-Backed NGO Fakes Photos To Blame Russia For Dead Civilians
Soros-Funded Human Rights Watch Jumps On Kony 2012 AFRICOM Crusade
Strategies For Undermining The Globalist Agenda And Restoring Power To Local Communities
Syria “Bus Bombing” Conducted By Terrorists, Not Syrian Government; No Red Lines?
Syria Under Attack By Globalist Death Squad Experts
Taxpayers Forced To Pick Up Tab For War Profiteer KBR
Tennessee Jails Offer Inmates Shorter Sentences In Exchange For Sterilization
Terry Gilliam: The Python Who Renounced His Citizenship
That Time HRW’s Ken Roth Contradicted Himself Twice In 4 Days Over Syria
The ‘Legal Issue’ Of Operation Cast Lead: ICC Rules That Palestinians Cannot Investigate Israeli War Crimes
The Australian Bilderberg Group Connection
The Chilling Reason Why The ACLU Is Warning Against Traveling To Texas
The Negative Effects Of Nationalism
The New Travel Ban You Didn’t Hear About Is Against U.S. Citizens
The Only Legal Way To Escape US Taxes Besides Death And Renunciation
The Siege Of Syria: Perception Management And US-Funded Unrest Used To Justify Regime Change
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Is A Tool Of Western Propaganda
The Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Second Passport
The U.S. Constitution First Amendment And Radicalism
The U.S. Wants To Seize Your Passport…Here’s What You Can Do About It
The War In Afghanistan Has Turned A Generation Of Children Into Heroin Addicts
The West’s War On Free Speech
Time To Bug Out Of America?
Top 10 Greatest Problems Humanity Currently Faces
Trump Admin Set To Expand Number Of Civilians Killed By Drone Strikes
Trump Presidency, Transition Of Power To Ignite Era Of Destabilization In The U.S.?
U.N. Bows To Saudi Financial Threats, Removes KSA From Child Killers List
U.S. Drone Strikes Come Under Fire From Int’l Human Rights Organizations
UN Elects Largest Oppressor Of Women, Saudi Arabia, To Women’s Rights Commission — Seriously
UN Human Rights Council Duplicity
UN Human Rights Council: America’s Imperial Tool
UN Human Rights Official Under Fire For Describing 9/11 As A Cover Up
UN Report Offers Smoking Gun Proof Of NATO And US Lies About Libya
UN War Crimes Prosecutor Quits Commission After Unable To Frame, Prosecute Assad – Blames Russia
United Nations Admits To Accidentally Releasing Cholera In Haiti, Killing 10,000 People
Urgent Warning Issued By Human Rights Group Over New Police Bill In Congress
US Expats In Mexico Left Stranded In Latest FATCA Escalation
US Imposes Sanctions On Syria
US Lectures Cuba on Human Rights Across From Own Torture Dungeon
US Meddling In Russia: In Their Own Words
US Military Sent Over $1 Billion Worth Of Light Weapons To “Multiple Armed Groups” In Iraq
US Supreme Court To Hear Nigeria-Shell Rights Case
US Throws Up Roadblocks For Those Wishing To Leave
US Trains Activists To Evade Security Forces
US, China In Human Rights Talks Amid Clampdown
US-Funded “Rights Advocate” Censoring Free-Speech Forum
US-Led Air Atrikes Killed Record Number Of Civilians In Syria
Washington’s Insouciance Has No Rival
West’s Syrian Narrative Based On ‘Guy In British Apartment’
What Good Is The United Nations, International Law And Its Courts?
What It Means To Be An NSA “Target”
White House Closing Down War Crimes Office After Being Accused Of War Crimes
ZapArte Rebellion: Art For Independence