Bad Science

Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

“Blue Monday” is churnalism, beware any journalist who puffs it
“Deconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascism.”
“We are more possible than you can powerfully imagine”
12 Monkeys. No… 8. Wait, sorry, I meant 14.
After feeding the scare he’ll sell you the solution
Against Nature – Channel 4 tonight
Aids denialism at the Spectator
All bow before the mighty power of the nocebo effect
All time classic creationist pwnage
AllTrials campaign launches, please sign and spread!
Andrew Lansley and his imaginary evidence
Animal Magnetism
Archie Cochrane: “Fascist”
Attack of the wrinkled ladies
Blame everyone but yourselves
Blame the drug companies… and yourself…
Boris Johnson and his innovative trial methodology
Brainiac “Fraud” “Slammed” In The Evening Standard And The Independent
Chapter 1024, in which my prejudices about journalists are rendered in quantitative form
Cherry picking is bad. At least warn us when you do it
Chilling warning to parents from top neuroscientist
Complaints upheld against BBC over Alternative Medicine “The Evidence”
Cranial osteopathy
Cranky to fashionable in five iffy claims
Doctoring the records – Patrick Holford and Fuel PR
Don’t dumb me down
Dore – the media’s miracle cure for dyslexia
Electrosensitives: the new cash cow of the woo industry
Electrosmog. The Independent has seriously excelled itself this time
Elsevier get into fanzines
Evidence Based Prejudice
Evidence based revenge
Evidence based smear campaigns
Evidence based voting
Experts say new scientific evidence helpfully justifies massive pre-existing moral prejudice.
Factors that risk being left out of the equation
Foreign substances in your precious bodily fluids
From Hampstead to Cape Town
Geek Prize
Here’s our Cabinet Office paper on randomised trials of government policies. Read it
How Aric Sigman distorts the scientific evidence to mislead you
How many microbiologists does it take to change a tabloid story?
How myths are made
How to read a paper
I did a Newsnight thing about how politics needs better data
I don’t really get why people are chatting about Tamiflu as if it’s all that
I foresee that nobody will do anything about this problem
I love research about research
Is this a joke?
Jeremy Laurance gets angry about scrutiny for journalists’ claims
Just Keep Wearing The Tinfoil Hats
Madeleine McCann, the Observer, and their special magic quantum DNA box (with secret energy source)
Magnetic Sex Appea… Shhhh
Meaningful debates need clear information
Minority Retort
MMR: the scare stories are back
Money money money money money
National Healthcare: a breeding ground for terrorism?
New edition of “Testing Treatments”, best pop science book on Evidence Based Medicine ever
Oh, that was quick
Oooooh I’m in the Minority Report!
Over there! An 8 mile high distraction made of posh chocolate!
Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee on homeopathy today
Patrick Holford – “Food Is Better Than Medicine” South Africa Tour Blighted By HIV Claim
Politicians can divine which policy works best by using their special magic politician beam
Positive Internet are the new gods * * * hot badscience 2.0 action
Pretending that evidence is difficult and complicated
Reefer Badness
Resistance is worse than useless
Science is about embracing your knockers – updated as Rodial begin to play games
Selling Sickness
Ten pieces of advice for old media
Tesco Value Science
Testing Social Policy
The ABPI claims that all the problems in my book are “historical”. This claim is simply untrue.
The Amazing Qlink Science Pedant
The Awful Poo Lady
The end of homeopathy?
The media’s MMR hoax
The MMR sceptic who just doesn’t understand science
The Nutt Sack Affair (part 493)
The plausibility effect
The power of anecdotes
The Prosecutor’s Phallusy
The stigma gene
The Trial That Ate Itself
The Truth About Nutritionists
The Wakefield MMR verdict
The year in nonsense
Venal, misleading, pathetic, dangerous, stupid, and busted
What statins tell us about the mess in evidence based medicine
When ethics committees kill
When in doubt, call yourself a doctor
Whinge moan
Why – and how – I wrote Bad Pharma
Why don’t journalists link to primary sources?
Why is evidence so hard for politicians?
Why won’t Professor Susan Greenfield publish this theory in a scientific journal?
Wi-Fi Wants To Kill Your Children… But Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch sells the cure!
Yeah well you can prove anything with science