New Left Project

Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

‘At The Risk Of Being Too Coarse’
A Brief History Of Climate Change
A Grassroots Movement For Energy Justice Comes In From The Cold
Alternative Liberal Solutions To Economic Inequality
Alternatives To Capitalism: Introduction
America Versus Democracy In Egypt
Buying Time: After The Scottish Referendum
Co-Operatives In The Internet Age
Democracy In The Workplace
Economic Democracy For A Post-Occupy World
Egypt’s Popular Sovereignty: Not An Alternative
Europe: Between Democracy And Oligarchy
From National Front To BNP To UKIP: The Rise Of Right Wing Populism
Greens Vs. Science?
Indonesian Democracy: From Stagnation To Transformation?
Institutionalised Corruption In Neoliberal Britain
Neoliberalism, The Grassroots And The People’s Assembly
Parties, Causes And Political Power
Plutocracy In America
Populism And The Left: Does UKIP Matter? Can Democracy Be Saved?
Post-Work: Zombie Social Democracy With A Human Face?
Ruling The Void
Servants Of The 1%?: Politicians And The Economic Elite
The Case For A Participatory Economy
The Greek Elections: From New Democracy To ‘Neo-Democracy’?
The War On Welfare: From ‘Social Security’ To ‘Social Insecurity’
Those Crazy Days Of ‘Socialism’: The 1970s And The Strange Death Of Social Democracy
UKIP And The Rise Of English Nationalism
UKIP Tactics, Populism And British Fascism