Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

5 Reasons Why the Regulatory Accountability Act is Bad for Science
A Peer Review of the March For Science
Advisory Committee Shakeup Targets Independent Science and Scientists
Beliefs Won’t Save Tangier Island, Virginia, From Sea Level Rise—Informed Preparedness Will
Congress is Trying to Protect Federal Scientists Because President Trump Isn’t
Despite Overwhelming Evidence of Success, Trump Administration Stalls EPA Vehicle Standards
Drowning in a Sea of Sufficient Ozone Research: An Open Letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
From Academia to Advocacy and Back: The Importance of Translating Research into Policy
Global Warming Science
Graduate Students Organize to Promote Science-Informed Leadership in the New Executive Administration
If It Ain’t Broke, Defund It: Trump’s Budget Writes Off SNAP—and With It His Supporters
Is No Place Safe? Climate Change Denialists Seek to Sway Science Teachers
Lies Hurt. Facts Matter. And So Does Resistance
New FDA Ruling Doesn’t Close Industry’s Favorite Food Safety Loophole
Ohio Ignores the Evidence on Renewables
One Way You Can Help Fight Against Political Interference in Science: Tell Us About It
Preserving Scientific Integrity in Federal Policymaking
Refugees are LESS Likely to Be Terrorists, and Xenophobia Hurts Democracy
Science and the Politics of Fracking—and What’s Ahead
Standing Strong for Science and Democracy
Standing Up for Science: Notes from the Field
Standing Up to Pernicious New Attacks on Federal Climate Scientists
Terror and Tragedy at the Boston Marathon: and in the Aftermath, Science and Evidence Are Key
The Evidence For How Fossil Fuel Companies Misled Us For Decades
The House Science Committee’s Shameful Climate Sideshow
The Ill-logic of Alternative Facts
The Trump Budget Is an Affront to Farmers (and All of Us)
The U.S. National Climate Assessment: A Detailed Evaluation of the Scientific Evidence on Climate Change
Toward an Evidence-Based Fracking Debate
Unearthing Rock-Hard Evidence of Climate Change
Why I March for Science: The Frightening Risks We Aren’t Talking About
Why Scientists Are Fighting Back: We’ve Had Enough of Trump’s War on Facts
You Can’t Delete Climate Change