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Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

Bernstein in Seattle: Representative Democracy and the Revolutionary Subject (Part 1)
Bernstein in Seattle: Representative Democracy and the Revolutionary Subject (Part 2)
Commune, Party, State
Disrupting Distribution: Subversion, the Social Factory, and the “State” of Supply Chains
Europe Forged in Crisis: The Emergence and Development of the EU
From Subaltern to State: Toward a Left Critique of the Pink Tide
Inside Logistics: Organization, Work, Distinctions
Leaving the Fortresses: Between Class Internationalism and Nativist Social Democracy
Lessons for Building a Democratic Workers’ State
Lineaments of the Logistical State
Materials for a Revolutionary Theory of the State
Primitive Accumulation and the State-Form: National Debt as an Apparatus of Capture
Rethinking Political Power and Revolutionary Strategy Today
State Violence, State Control: Marxist State Theory and the Critique of Political Economy
The Biology of Citizenship: Immigration, DNA Testing, and the State
The Committee Room and the Streets: An Interview with Geoff Eley
The Critique of Politics
The Deep State: Germany, Immigration, and the National Socialist Underground
The Ends of the State
The Political Economy of Capitalist Labor
The State Against the State
The State of Capitalist Globalization
Theses on the Transformation of Democracy and on the Extra-Parliamentary Opposition