Content of the Internet corpus

One of the key aims of the Genealogies of Knowledge project is to build a large and diverse corpus of Internet discourse published in English by alternative media and news outlets. This corpus draws on discourses generated and disseminated by communities that advocate and practise alternative forms of political participation and provide new platforms for the collective revision and construction of knowledge.

This page provides more detailed information on the content of this corpus so as to facilitate research. It will be updated on a regular basis as the corpus grows.

Information on how to filter the Internet corpus by outlet is also provided at the bottom of the page.


Content of the Internet corpus

(Last updated 31/03/18)

FilenameAuthorTitlePublication DatePublisher Name
int000306Jeff BerwickHow To Renounce Your US Citizenship And Become Stateless13/12/2014Activist Post
int000307Jeff BerwickTerry Gilliam: The Python Who Renounced His Citizenship04/04/2014Activist Post
int000308Dave HodgesAre You A Sovereign Citizen?22/01/2013Activist Post
int000309Jeff BerwickKen O’Keefe: Become A World Citizen And Starve The State!06/01/2016Activist Post
int000310Nick GiambrunoThe U.S. Wants To Seize Your Passport…Here’s What You Can Do About It11/01/2016Activist Post
int000311Shaun BradleyThe New Travel Ban You Didn’t Hear About Is Against U.S. Citizens08/02/2017Activist Post
int000312Matt AgoristMass Exodus — More Americans Than Ever Before In History Are Renouncing Their Citizenship08/02/2016Activist Post
int000313Wendy McElroyShould Americans Emigrate Or Defect?12/02/2013Activist Post
int000314Janet PhelanUS Throws Up Roadblocks For Those Wishing To Leave07/09/2014Activist Post
int000315Shaun BradleyHere’s How The Government Is Turning The Entire United States Into A Debt Prison29/09/2016Activist Post
int000316Sophie McAdamEx Marine Drops Truth Bomb, Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag And War Agenda09/09/2015Activist Post
int000317Andrew Puhanic,The Australian Bilderberg Group Connection04/06/2012Activist Post
int000318Nick GiambrunoThe Only Legal Way To Escape US Taxes Besides Death And Renunciation18/09/2013Activist Post
int000319Nick GiambrunoThe Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Second Passport05/01/2016Activist Post
int000320Brandon TurbevillePresumption Of Guilt Lays Foundation For U.S. Citizen Tax And Travel Laws30/05/2012Activist Post
int000321Josie WalesThe Chilling Reason Why The ACLU Is Warning Against Traveling To Texas12/05/2017Activist Post
int000322Wendy McElroyAmerican Borders Will Be Changing19/12/2013Activist Post
int000323George UreTime To Bug Out Of America?22/04/2012Activist Post
int000324Activist Post10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship17/05/2011Activist Post
int000325Scott LazarowitzThe Negative Effects Of Nationalism01/06/2017Activist Post
int000326Mark RumoldWhat It Means To Be An NSA “Target”09/08/2013Activist Post
int000327Eric BlairAnother Tyrannical Success For Lieberman: Enemy Expatriation Act Now Law Under NDAA06/01/2012Activist Post
int000328Rachel BlevinsNew Ontario Law Allows Gov’t To Steal Kids From Parents Who Oppose “Gender Identity”11/06/2017Activist Post
int000329"John WhiteheadIf Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It24/08/2016Activist Post
int000330Jeff BerwickUS Expats In Mexico Left Stranded In Latest FATCA Escalation04/06/2014Activist Post
int000682Joan DarkHuman Rights, Si! … But Not In Our Backyard14/10/2016Activist Post
int000683Katherine HinDo “Human Rights” Organizations Merely Ask The Fox To Self-Report His Activities In The Hen House?17/10/2016Activist Post
int000684Activist PostHuman Rights Group Files Groundbreaking Document With OAS Commission, States No Justice In Guardianship Proceedings12/10/2017Activist Post
int000685Michaela WhittonBritish Government Admits It Doesn’t Really Care About Human Rights07/10/2015Activist Post
int000686Mehmet ErsoyHuman Rights Watch Conducted A Biased Investigation For The School “Bombing” In Idlib12/11/2016Activist Post
int000687Josie WalesUrgent Warning Issued By Human Rights Group Over New Police Bill In Congress30/05/2017Activist Post
int000688Janet PhelanHuman Rights Agency Addresses Biological Weapons Convention In Geneva, Switzerland09/12/2011Activist Post
int000689Sophie McAdamHow Can A Country That Beheads And Crucifies Protesters Win A Place On The U.N Human Rights Council?18/10/2015Activist Post
int000690Tony CartalucciHuman Rights Watch Cites Al Qaeda And Collaborators In Latest Syria Report26/02/2017Activist Post
int000691Steven MacMillanThe Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Is A Tool Of Western Propaganda13/12/2015Activist Post
int000692Brandon TurbevilleHuman Rights Watch FAIL: Uses Photo Of American Bombing Destruction To Condemn Assad09/03/2015Activist Post
int000693Tony CartalucciEXPOSED: Syrian Human Rights Front Is EU-Funded Fraud12/04/2013Activist Post
int000696Brandon TurbevilleAmnesty International “Human Slaughterhouse” Report Lacks Evidence, Credibility, Reeks Of State Department Propaganda08/02/2017Activist Post
int000697Tony CartalucciSoros-Funded Human Rights Watch Jumps On Kony 2012 AFRICOM Crusade20/03/2012Activist Post
int000698Madison RuppertHuman Rights Watch Says Israeli Attacks On Palestinian Media Were Unlawful21/12/2012Activist Post
int000699John VibesAfter Suing The CIA, Human Rights Group Burglarized – All Evidence Needed For Lawsuit Stolen23/10/2015Activist Post
int000701Brandon TurbevilleBig Six Pesticide Manufacturers To Face Human Rights Tribunal21/11/2011Activist Post
int000702Mark Leon GoldbergHuman Rights Watch: Obama Directive “Essentially Nullifies” Child Soldiers Law29/10/2010Activist Post
int000703Madison RuppertIsrael Severs Ties With UN Human Rights Council, Bans Them From Entry Over Settlement Probe27/03/2012Activist Post
int000704Steve WatsonUN Human Rights Official Under Fire For Describing 9/11 As A Cover Up26/01/2011Activist Post
int000705Madison RuppertU.S. Drone Strikes Come Under Fire From Int’l Human Rights Organizations25/10/2013Activist Post
int000707Jay SyrmopoulosRussia Kicked Off UN Human Rights Council, While Terrorist Saudi Arabia Re-Elected29/10/2016Activist Post
int000708Stephen LendmanUN Human Rights Council Duplicity08/05/2013Activist Post
int000709Janet Phelan“Just Say Anything!” – The US Responds To The UN Review Of Its Human Rights Record29/06/2015Activist Post
int000710SOA WatchHuman Rights Activists Sent To Prison For Fort Benning Protest Against The School Of The Americas Torture Training Center26/11/2010Activist Post
int000711Jack BurnsUN Elects Largest Oppressor Of Women, Saudi Arabia, To Women’s Rights Commission — Seriously24/04/2017Activist Post
int000712Joe WrightEuropean Court Of Human Rights Finally Uses The Word ‘Torture’ To Describe CIA Treatment Of Detainee14/10/2012Activist Post
int000713AFPUS, China In Human Rights Talks Amid Clampdown27/04/2011Activist Post
int000714Michaela WhittonObama’s Human Rights Speech Ignores Illegal Israeli Occupation Of Palestine29/09/2015Activist Post
int000715Madison RuppertHuman Rights Lawyers: British Civilians Are ‘Parties To Murders’ Carried Out By US Drones12/03/2012Activist Post
int000716Brandon TurbevilleUN War Crimes Prosecutor Quits Commission After Unable To Frame, Prosecute Assad – Blames Russia09/08/2017Activist Post
int000718Jake AndersonSoon Robots Will Have More Rights Than Humans03/01/2016Activist Post
int000719Catherine J. FrompovichControl Of Communicable Diseases Dissenting Comment To The CDC26/09/2016Activist Post
int000720Catherine J. Frompovich5G Is An International Health Crisis In The Making06/08/2017Activist Post
int000721Brandon TurbevilleTrump Presidency, Transition Of Power To Ignite Era Of Destabilization In The U.S.?13/01/2017Activist Post
int000722Rosanne LindsayFreedom Exists Under Natural Law02/10/2017Activist Post
int000723Catherine J. FrompovichFundamental And Constitutional Rights Negated In The Realm Of Totalitarian Corporatocracy19/09/2017Activist Post
int000724Carey WedlerAccused Of War Crimes, Saudi Arabia Investigates Themselves And Finds No Wrongdoing14/09/2017Activist Post
int000725Tony CartalucciExposing The International Arbiters10/04/2011Activist Post
int000726Brandon TurbevilleMedical Doctors Question Veracity Of Footage In White Helmets Documentary; Al-Qaeda Wins Oscar09/03/2017Activist Post
int000727Brandon TurbevilleRecent Assad Torture Report “Caesar” Cited By Mainstream Media Debunked By Researchers12/03/2016Activist Post
int000728Brandon TurbevilleSyria “Bus Bombing” Conducted By Terrorists, Not Syrian Government; No Red Lines?16/04/2017Activist Post
int000729Jamie WeinandHow TPP Resembles NAFTA, And Why Both Create Some Of The Largest Health And Human Rights Emergencies Of Our Time03/12/2013Activist Post
int000730Tony CartalucciWest’s Syrian Narrative Based On ‘Guy In British Apartment’04/06/2012Activist Post
int000731Claire BernishMassive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement And Clergy04/08/2017Activist Post
int000732Catherine J. FrompovichThe U.S. Constitution First Amendment And Radicalism15/06/2017Activist Post
int000733Rachel BlevinsAs Thousands Left Homeless From Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE To Israel17/09/2017Activist Post
int000734Alice DonovanUS-Led Air Atrikes Killed Record Number Of Civilians In Syria24/05/2017Activist Post
int000735Makia FreemanNGOs: Choice Tool Of Subversion For The New World Order26/08/2016Activist Post
int000736Scott LazarowitzDegenerates Rule America14/02/2012Activist Post
int000737Janet PhelanHuman Experimentation Rampant In The United States27/03/2016Activist Post
int000738Tony CartalucciEXPOSED: Indy “Newspaper” Funded By US Government11/08/2011Activist Post
int000739Brandon Turbeville11 Signs Of A False Flag07/11/2013Activist Post
int000740AFPChina Hits Out At Clinton Over Rights Criticism14/05/2011Activist Post
int000741John GaltTaxpayers Forced To Pick Up Tab For War Profiteer KBR07/09/2015Activist Post
int000742Paul Craig RobertsWashington’s Insouciance Has No Rival15/02/2012Activist Post
int000743Bernie SuarezTop 10 Greatest Problems Humanity Currently Faces06/09/2014Activist Post
int000744Brandon TurbevilleSoros-Backed NGO Fakes Photos To Blame Russia For Dead Civilians02/10/2015Activist Post
int000745Tony CartalucciStrategies For Undermining The Globalist Agenda And Restoring Power To Local Communities11/07/2012Activist Post
int000746AFPUS Trains Activists To Evade Security Forces08/04/2011Activist Post
int000747Tony CartalucciLies Behind The “Humanitarian War” In Libya: There Is No Evidence!19/10/2011Activist Post
int000748Tony CartalucciUS-Funded “Rights Advocate” Censoring Free-Speech Forum16/01/2012Activist Post
int000749Dawn LugerTennessee Jails Offer Inmates Shorter Sentences In Exchange For Sterilization24/07/2017Activist Post
int000750Tony CartalucciUS Meddling In Russia: In Their Own Words05/12/2011Activist Post
int000751Janet PhelanLies, Damnable Lies And Downright Dangerous Lies02/08/2017Activist Post
int000752Sujit ChoudhrHate Speech Vs. Free Speech: A Critical Analysis By Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry15/06/2017Activist Post
int000753Michel ChossudovskyUS Military Sent Over $1 Billion Worth Of Light Weapons To “Multiple Armed Groups” In Iraq05/06/2017Activist Post
int000754Jesse TremblayCharges Will Not Be Brought Against UN Peacekeepers In Africa Accused Of Child Abuse08/01/2017Activist Post
int000755Brandon TurbevilleResigning U.N. Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte Surrounded By Allegations Of Intimidation, Bullying Of Witnesses24/08/2017Activist Post
int000756Michaela WhittonThe War In Afghanistan Has Turned A Generation Of Children Into Heroin Addicts10/05/2016Activist Post
int000757Brandon TurbevilleGeorge Soros Hacked, MSM Blames Russia; Many “Dissident” Orgs Revealed In Leaks16/08/2016Activist Post
int000758AFPUS Imposes Sanctions On Syria29/04/2011Activist Post
int000759Derrick BrozeHistoric Trial: Soldiers Finally Face Charges For Rape Of Mayan Women19/01/2016Activist Post
int000760AFPLibya Rebels ‘Get Message’ On Rights: US Envoy03/08/2011Activist Post
int000761Activist PostAs Mexico Weighs Marijuana Legalization U.S. Cuts Aid To Mexico21/10/2015Activist Post
int000762Claire BernishJohn Kiriakou: Dangerous Apathy, Torture, And The Perilous State Of Dissent In The US21/10/2015Activist Post
int000763Whitney WebbFacebook And Israel Officially Announce Collaboration To Censor Social Media Content16/09/2016Activist Post
int000764AFPUS Supreme Court To Hear Nigeria-Shell Rights Case17/10/2011Activist Post
int000765Josef DobraszczykZapArte Rebellion: Art For Independence24/09/2017Activist Post
int000766Tony CartalucciSoros Celebrates The Fall Of Tunisia25/11/2011Activist Post
int000767Brandon TurbevilleThat Time HRW’s Ken Roth Contradicted Himself Twice In 4 Days Over Syria06/01/2017Activist Post
int000768Brandon TurbevilleFrom Charlottesville To Boston, America Is Falling Apart At The Seams21/08/2017Activist Post
int000769Nicholas WestTrump Admin Set To Expand Number Of Civilians Killed By Drone Strikes24/06/2017Activist Post
int000770Tony CartalucciThe Siege Of Syria: Perception Management And US-Funded Unrest Used To Justify Regime Change21/05/2011Activist Post
int000771Darius ShahtahmasebiWhite House Closing Down War Crimes Office After Being Accused Of War Crimes22/07/2017Activist Post
int000772SM GibsonAirstrikes By U.S. Ally Have Killed 500 Children Since March03/10/2015Activist Post
int000773Brandon TurbevilleSyria Under Attack By Globalist Death Squad Experts27/05/2012Activist Post
int000774Tony CartalucciAmnesty International Propaganda Targets Russia And Syria12/04/2012Activist Post
int000775Rosanne LindsayAre We Losing Identity To The Hive?23/03/2017Activist Post
int000777Tony CartalucciThe West’s War On Free Speech06/06/2017Activist Post
int000778Kurt NimmoDon’t Mess With Soros: DCLeaks Website And Twitter Taken Down28/08/2016Activist Post
int000779Janet PhelanFake Everything — Confronting Our Ideological Hegemony05/06/2017Activist Post
int000780Rachel BlevinsChelsea Manning Speaks Out: Seeing Victims Of War As “People” – Not “Statistics” Inspired Leaks11/06/2017Activist Post
int000781Stephen LendmanGitmo Atrocities Continue14/03/2013Activist Post
int000782Rosanne LindsayConsent: The Elephant In The Room17/02/2017Activist Post
int000783Graham VanbergenWhat Good Is The United Nations, International Law And Its Courts?16/03/2016Activist Post
int000784Catherine J. FrompovichHPV Vaccines: The Pharmaceutical Menace Promoted As Prophylactic Medicine13/09/2017Activist Post
int000785Carey WedlerAnonymous Attacks Saudi Government Over Crucifixion Of Protester29/09/2015Activist Post
int000786Joe WrightThe ‘Legal Issue’ Of Operation Cast Lead: ICC Rules That Palestinians Cannot Investigate Israeli War Crimes04/04/2012Activist Post
int000787Justin GardnerMonsanto Exposed As Source For White Phosphorus Used In Gaza Massacre07/02/2016Activist Post
int000788Dennis SouthUN Report Offers Smoking Gun Proof Of NATO And US Lies About Libya07/11/2011Activist Post
int000789Mac SlavoMassive Anti-Government Protests In Venezuela Worsen, Patterns Emerge11/06/2017Activist Post
int000790Nadia KayyaliFind Out If You’ve Been Spied On – And Join The Fight For Privacy20/02/2015Activist Post
int000791Tony CartalucciSaudi Arabia’s Growing Body Count04/01/2016Activist Post
int000792Derrick BrozeUnited Nations Admits To Accidentally Releasing Cholera In Haiti, Killing 10,000 People19/08/2016Activist Post
int000617DenialismI love careless stupidity03/07/2008Denialism Blog
int001001Mark HoofnagleThe Rolling Stone Fallout and What This Means for Rape Victims09/12/2014Denialism Blog
int000001Ala SirriyehCLASS, CITIZENSHIP AND THE TRANSNATIONAL FAMILY04/10/2016Discover Society
int000003Michael S. DivineIN SUPPORT OF BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP05/04/2016Discover Society
int000004Suzanne HallMULTILINGUAL CITIZENSHIP01/10/2013Discover Society
int0000062Janine R. WedelIn the shadows: How unaccountable elites corrupt democracy01/12/2014Discover Society
int000007Katherine TonkissRE-THINKING NONCITIZENSHIP05/04/2016Discover Society
int000008Gurminder K. BhambraBREXIT, CLASS AND BRITISH ‘NATIONAL’ IDENTITY05/07/2016Discover Society
int0000081Mark JohnsonUnderstanding Twitch Chat: New forms of digital community and play03/01/2017Discover Society
int0000097Spyros ThemelisFrom Mainstream Politics to Social Movements: Greece in between austerity and hope01/12/2015Discover Society
int0000099Kirstein RummeryCan we break free of male, pale and stale politics?01/04/2015Discover Society
int000010Anisa MustafaWHAT IS PREVENT REALLY PREVENTING?02/02/2016Discover Society
int000013Tendayi BloomCOMMODIFYING NONCITIZENSHIP05/04/2016Discover Society
int000014Costas DouzinasSOVEREIGNTY, RESISTANCE, MIGRATION01/02/2015Discover Society
int000015Heather JohnsonPROTESTING AS NONCITIZENS – REFUGEE PROTEST CAMPS IN EUROPE05/04/2016Discover Society
int000019Stefan JonssonHOW THE EXCLUSION OF PEOPLE IS HOLLOWING OUT OUR DEMOCRACY02/02/2016Discover Society
int000020Corinna MullinTHE TUNISIAN UPRISING AND BEYOND: A TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES02/02/2016Discover Society
int000021Graham MurdockTHE BATTLE FOR THE BBC AND STRUGGLE FOR PUBLIC SPACE01/09/2015Discover Society
int000022Akwugo EmejuluBEYOND FEMINISM’S WHITE GAZE01/03/2016Discover Society
int000023William HousleyTHE EMERGING CONTOURS OF DATA SCIENCE03/08/2015Discover Society
int000024Ailsa McKayA CITIZENS BASIC INCOME? QUESTIONS FOR A NEW SCOTLAND01/04/2014Discover Society
int000027Robert MooreRACE, COMMUNITY AND CONFLICT REVISITED04/03/2014Discover Society
int000028Malcolm JamesMARK DUGGAN AND BRITAIN’S POST-COLONIAL POLITICS OF DEATH15/02/2014Discover Society
int000030Maggie O’NeillADULT SEX WORK, LAW AND POLICY: NEW HORIZONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY06/12/2016Discover Society
int000032Vanessa OlorenshawLIBERATING MOTHERHOOD AND THE NEED FOR A MATERNAL FEMINISM01/03/2016Discover Society
int000060Nick StevensonNeoliberal democracy and alternative democracies05/05/2015Discover Society
int000063Daniel EdmistonPolicy and Politics: “I will fight for what I deserve” – Political struggles for Welfare Rights01/02/2017Discover Society
int000064Tracy ShildrickPoverty, Politics and a new kind of Class War? 01/02/2017Discover Society
int000082Caroline LodgeOlder People and Housing: Towards a wiser community01/11/2016Discover Society
int000083Simon WinlowEnglish Nationalism in Context01/02/2017Discover Society
int000084Rowland AtkinsonAsking Abramovich for a Cup of Sugar: Social glue, the super-rich and the rest of us01/02/2017Discover Society
int000085Helton LevySocial Media and Favelas: The build up of peripheral subjectivitiesSocial Media and Favelas: The build up of peripheral subjectivitiesDiscover Society
int000086Susan F. FrenkFocus: Looking Critically at Gender and Sexuality06/12/2016Discover Society
int000087Jacqueline BaxterDemocratic Governance in Education01/11/2016Discover Society
int000088Reiner GrundmannFocus: Climate change and the social sciences04/10/2016Discover Society
int000090Tim JonesDo I really wanna waffle on with people who are waffling on?’ Politics and the British working class05/04/2016Discover Society
int000091Nick StevensonRadical Education Now02/11/2015Discover Society
int000092Luke YatesProtest, Movement Networks and Everyday Life: The back-story of political action 01/07/2015Discover Society
int000093Lisa MckenzieLearning from Activists01/04/2015Discover Society
int000094Neil SerougiBlaming the Victim – Torture and the New Politics of Exclusion05/08/2014Discover Society
int000096Gurminder K BhambraThe dangerous politics of belonging01/10/2013Discover Society
int000098Susan HalfordBig Data and the Politics of Discipline03/07/2015Discover Society
int000100Des FitzgeraldUrban Life and Mental Health: Re-visiting politics, society and biology15/02/2014Discover Society
int000102Sui-Ting KongStruggling on: Intimacy as an emerging space of political participation05/04/2016Discover Society
int000103Deborah CameronSexism in Language: A problem that hasn’t gone away01/03/2016Discover Society
int000104William DaviesCelebrating Political Uncertainty01/04/2015Discover Society
int000105Neil SerougiAusterity as Ideology01/04/2015Discover Society
int000106Rob Faure WalkerHow Preventing Terror is Promoting Violence01/02/2017Discover Society
int000107Kathryn MedienNarrating the ‘Arab Spring’, Five Years on02/02/2016Discover Society
int000108Daniel SilverDecision-based evidence-making to punish the poor?06/05/2014Discover Society
int000109Caroline SchlauferScientific evidence in referendum campaigns – Politicisation or enrichmen01/11/2016Discover Society
int000110Tara GarnettSustainable and Healthy Eating Patterns06/09/2016Discover Society
int000111Hilary Rose‘Mental Capital’, Neuroscience and Early Intervention05/07/2016Discover Society
int000112Geof RaynerImaging/Imagining the Anthropocene02/08/2016Discover Society
int000114Geof RaynerPolitical rhetoric, corporate responsibility and contested bodies01/04/2015Discover Society
int000115Martyn HammersleyIs there any justification for academic social science?03/05/2016Discover Society
int000116Matthew WeaitViral Crimes: When law goes bad04/11/2014Discover Society
int000265Kevin OvendenGreece’s government: No room left for manoeuvre?13/04/2015Left Flank
int000266Kevin OvendenGreece two months on: where is the hope?31/03/2015Left Flank
int000267Kevin OvendenSome thoughts on the deal between Syriza & ANEL27/01/2015Left Flank
int000268KEERFADeclaration Antifascist Meeting 2013, 5-6 Oct Athens25/09/2013Left Flank
int000269Kevin OvendenFar Right’s new footholds in UK & Greece01/03/2013Left Flank
int000270Hamish FordIs this what democracy looks like? The NSW Greens & the campaign against the BDS10/02/2012Left Flank
int000271Tony HarrisThe Greens & Palestine: confronting inconvenient truths of the party’s right of return policy27/11/2011Left Flank
int000272Kevin OvendenDispatch from Athens #12: Show some Left initiative24/01/2015Left Flank
int000227Bryan SchatzThis Is What Would Happen if We Repealed Birthright Citizenship26/08/2015Mother Jones
int000228Jared BernsteinWhy Citizenship Matters05/07/2006Mother Jones
int000229Pema LevyA Federal Appeals Court Just Denied Birthright Citizenship to American Samoans Using Racist Caselaw05/06/2015Mother Jones
int000230Pema LevySupreme Court Will Not Consider Birthright Citizenship Case13/06/2016Mother Jones
int000231Pema LevyThe Obama Administration Is Using Racist Court Rulings to Deny Citizenship to 55,000 People27/05/2016Mother Jones
int000232Michael MechanicThis Man Can Help You Escape the IRS Forever2017Mother Jones
int000233Pema LevyObama Administration Using Century-Old Racist Case Law to Block Citizenship23/02/2015Mother Jones
int000234Pema LevyThe Anti-Birthright-Citizenship Brigade28/08/2015Mother Jones
int000235Adam SerwerService Guarantees Citizenship!24/01/2012Mother Jones
int000236Erika EichelbergerYoung Immigrants Renew Push for Path to Citizenship22/01/2013Mother Jones
int000237Stephanie MencimerTrump’s Immigration Adviser Wants You to Show a Birth Certificate to Vote16/09/2016Mother Jones
int000238Sara RathodA New Lawsuit Claims a Secretive, Bush-Era Program Is Delaying Muslims’ Citizenship Cases19/05/2016Mother Jones
int000239Kevin DrumCan Congress Strip Your Citizenship?07/05/2010Mother Jones
int000240A.J. VicensSupreme Court: Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Register to Vote Is Unconstitutional17/06/2013Mother Jones
int000241Tim MurphyEven Tom Tancredo’s Successor Endorses Path to Citizenship11/02/2013Mother Jones
int000242Pema LevyHow Marco Rubio Gave In to Democrats on the Immigration Reform Bill04/12/2015Mother Jones
int000243Suzy KhimmAZ Immigration Guru Targets “Anchor” Babies11/02/2011Mother Jones
int000244Adam SerwerRand Paul’s Long Road to Immigration Moderation19/03/2013Mother Jones
int000245Brandon E. PattersonBaton Rouge Cop Killer Was a “Sovereign Citizen.” What the Heck Is That?20/07/2016Mother Jones
int000246Nick BaumannIf You’ve Ever Traveled to a “Suspicious” Country, This Secret Program May Target You21/08/2013Mother Jones
int000247Edwin RiosKansas Voters Have 21 Days to Register if They Speak English, or 15 if They Speak Spanish12/04/2016Mother Jones
int000248Jen QuraishiSexism in the Immigration, Birthright Debates04/08/2010Mother Jones
int000249Laura SmithAnother Anti-Immigrant Hardliner Scores a Key Administration Appointment03/05/2017Mother Jones
int000250Kevin DrumShould Liberals Compromise on Birthright Citizenship?10/08/2010Mother Jones
int000251Adam SerwerObama Lays Out His Pitch for Immigration Reform29/01/2013Mother Jones
int000252Adam SerwerObama’s Immigration Plan Is Far Harsher Than Reagan’s20/02/2013Mother Jones
int000253Tim MurphyMeme-Busting: Obama’s Secret Plan to Win in 201201/09/2011Mother Jones
int000254Molly ReddenTop Immigration Court Hands Huge Win to Battered Women Seeking Asylum. Conservatives Freak Out28/08/2014Mother Jones
int000255Bharati MukherjeeAmerican Dreamer1997Mother Jones
int000256Adam SerwerHow the Senate’s “Security Requirement” Could Kill Immigration Reform29/01/2013Mother Jones
int000257Gavin AronsenImmigration Reform: Dead or Alive?30/08/2013Mother Jones
int000258Aviva ChomskyActually, Donald Trump’s Immigration Proposals Are Nothing New18/09/2016Mother Jones
int000259Mark MurrmannThis Is What It’s Like to Live Without a Country24/10/2015Mother Jones
int000260Adam SerwerRomney Hasn’t Been Consistent on “Amnesty” For Unauthorized Immigrants27/06/2012Mother Jones
int000261Adam SerwerRepublican New Mexico Governor Says Her Grandfather Was Undocumented09/09/2011Mother Jones
int000262Bradford PlumerImmigration Reform on the Way?28/05/2006Mother Jones
int000263Kevin DrumHas Ted Cruz Always Opposed Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants?17/12/2015Mother Jones
int000264Laura SmithFrom Tech Workers to College Kids, Trump is Also Taking on Legal Immigrants20/02/2017Mother Jones
int000172Rafael TaylorThe new PKK: unleashing a social revolution in Kurdistan17/08/2014ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000033ROAR CollectiveResisting the neoliberal university in the age of Brexit26/01/2017ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000034ROAR CollectiveTHE COMMUNE LIVES81/03/2016ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000035Undercommoning CollectiveUndercommoning within, against and beyond the university-as-such05/06/2016ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000036Beverly SilverThe Remaking of the Global Working Class25/06/2016ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000037Immanuel NessWORKING-CLASS MILITANCY IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH11/07/2016ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000039Camilla HansenWHAT WOULD REAL DEMOCRACY LOOK LIKE?02/08/2013ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000040ROAR CollectiveGRASSROOTS MOVEMENTS SWEEP INTO BARCELONA TOWN HALL25/05/2015ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000041Giorgio AgambenFROM THE STATE OF CONTROL TO A PRAXIS OF DESTITUENT POWER04/02/2014ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000042Carlos DelclósTHE STREET SYNDICATE: RE-ORGANIZING INFORMAL WORK25/06/2015ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000043Manuela ZechnerBARCELONA EN COMÚ: THE CITY AS HORIZON FOR RADICAL DEMOCRACY04/03/2015ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000044Janet BiehlBOOKCHIN’S REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM09/12/2015ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000045Carlos DelclósREBEL CITIES AND THE REVANCHIST ELITE09/12/2015ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000046Elif GencAT GEZI, A COMMON VOICE AGAINST STATE BRUTALITY01/01/2014ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000047Joseba Elola15-M MOVEMENT SHAKES THE SYSTEM24/05/2011ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000048Kate Shea BairdTHE DISOBEDIENT CITY AND THE STATELESS NATION18/03/2016ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
int000049Guillem MurciaGAG LAW: SPAIN’S GOVERNMENT TRIES TO PUSH BACK THE TIDE03/01/2015ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine
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$s/../document/@filename='int000737' or $s/../document/@filename='int000738' or $s/../document/@filename='int000739' or $s/../document/@filename='int000740' or $s/../document/@filename='int000741' or $s/../document/@filename='int000742' or $s/../document/@filename='int000743' or $s/../document/@filename='int000744' or $s/../document/@filename='int000745' or $s/../document/@filename='int000746' or $s/../document/@filename='int000747' or $s/../document/@filename='int000748' or $s/../document/@filename='int000749' or $s/../document/@filename='int000750' or $s/../document/@filename='int000751' or $s/../document/@filename='int000752' or $s/../document/@filename='int000753' or $s/../document/@filename='int000754' or $s/../document/@filename='int000755' or $s/../document/@filename='int000756' or $s/../document/@filename='int000757' or $s/../document/@filename='int000758' or $s/../document/@filename='int000759' or $s/../document/@filename='int000760' or $s/../document/@filename='int000761' or 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Discover Society

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Left Flank

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Mother Jones

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ROAR (Reflections on a Revolution) Magazine

($s/../document/@filename='int000172' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000033' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000034' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000035' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000036' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000037' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000039' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000040' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000041' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000042' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000043' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000044' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000045' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000046' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000047' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000048' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000049' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000050' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000051' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000052' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000053' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000054' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000055' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000056' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000057' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000058' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000059' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000061' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000065' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000066' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000067' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000068' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000069' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000070' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000072' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000073' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000074' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000075' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000076' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000077' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000078' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000079' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000080' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000113' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000117' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000118' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000120' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000121' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000122' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000123' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000124' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000125' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000126' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000127' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000128' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000129' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000130' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000131' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000132' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000133' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000134' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000135' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000136' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000137' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000138' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000139' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000140' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000151' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000152' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000153' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000154' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000155' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000156' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000157' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000158' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000159' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000160' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000161' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000162' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000163' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000164' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000165' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000166' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000167' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000168' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000169' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000170' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000171' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000173' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000174' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000175' or  $s/../document/@filename='int000176')


Salvage Zone

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UCSUSA (Union of Concerned Scientists)

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