Research Team

Mona Baker – Selected Publications

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Edited books

2016. (with Bolette Blaagaard) Citizen Media and Public Spaces: Diverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent, Abingdon & New York: Routledge.
2016. Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution, Abingdon & New York: Routledge. Winner of the Inttranews 2016 Linguists of the Year Award.

Selected journal articles

2016. ‘The Prefigurative Politics of Translation in Place-Based Movements of Protest: Subtitling in the Egyptian Revolution’, The Translator 22(1): 1-21. DOI 10.1080/13556509.2016.1148438.
2013. ‘Translation as an Alternative Space for Political Action’, Social Movement Studies 21(1): 23-47.
2010. ‘Interpreters and Translators in the War Zone: Narrated and Narrators’, in Moira Inghilleri and Sue-Ann Harding (eds) Translation and Violent Conflict, Special Issue of The Translator 16(2): 197-222.
2010. ‘Narratives of Terrorism and Security: “Accurate” Translations, Suspicious Frames’, Critical Studies on Terrorism 3(3): 347-364.
2007. ‘Patterns of Idiomaticity in Translated vs. Non-translated English’, Belgian Journal of Linguistics 21: 11-21.
2006. ‘Translation and Activism: Emerging Patterns of Narrative Community’, The Massachusetts Review 47(III): 462-484.
2004. ‘A Corpus-based View of Similarity and Difference in Translation’, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 9(2): 167-193.
2002. ‘Corpus-based Studies within the Larger Context of Translation Studies’, Génesis: Revista científica do ISAI 2: 7-16.
2000. ‘Towards a Methodology for Investigating the Style of a Literary Translator’, Target 12(2): 241-266.
2000 (with Maeve Olohan). ‘Reporting that in Translated English: Evidence for Subconscious Processes of Explicitation?’, Across Languages and Cultures 1(2): 141-158.
1999. ‘The Role of Corpora in Investigating the Linguistic Behaviour of Professional Translators’, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 4(2): 281-298.
1998. ‘Réexplorer la langue de la traduction: une approche par corpus’ (Investigating the Language of Translation: A Corpus-based Approach), Meta 43(4): 480-485.
1995. ‘Corpora in Translation Studies: An Overview and Some Suggestions for Future Research’, Target 7(2): 223-243.
1988. ‘Sub-technical Vocabulary and the ESP Teacher: An Analysis of Some Rhetorical Items in Medical Journal Articles’, Reading in a Foreign Language 4(2): 91-105.

Selected book chapters

2016. (with Bolette Blaagaard) ‘Reconceptualising Citizen Media: A Preliminary Charting of a Complex Domain’, in Mona Baker and Bolette Blaagaard (eds) Citizen Media and Public Spaces: Diverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent, London & New York: Routledge, 1-22.
2016. ‘Beyond the Spectacle: Translation and Solidarity in Contemporary Protest Movements’, in Mona Baker (ed.) Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution, London & New York: Routledge, 1-18.
2004. ‘The Treatment of Variation in Corpus-based Translation Studies’, in Karin Aijmer and Hilde Hasselgård (eds) Translation and Corpora (Göteborg Studies in English), Göteborg University, Sweden, 7-17.
2003. ‘Corpus-based Translation Studies in the Academy’, in Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast, Eva Hajicová & Petr Sgall, Zuzana Jetmarová, Annely Rothkegel and Dorothee Rothfuß-Bastian (eds) Textologie und Translation: Jahrbuch Übersetzen und Dolmetschen 4/II, Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 7-15.
1993. ‘Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies: Implications and Applications’, in Baker et al. (eds) Text and Technology: In Honour of John Sinclair, 233-250.

Peter Pormann – Selected Publications

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Books and edited books

2016. Pormann, P., & Koetschet, P. (Eds.) Našʾat al-Ṭibb al-ʿArabī fī l-qurūn al-wusṭā (La construction de la médecine arabe médiévale). Beirut, Damascus, Cairo: IFPO.
2013. Pormann, P. E.Mirror of Health: Medical Science during the Golden Age of Islam. (1 ed.) London: Royal College of Physicians.
2012. Adamson, P., & Pormann, P. E. The Philosophical Works of Al-Kindi: Studies in Islamic Philosophy. Karachi: Oxford University Press.
2012. Pormann, P. E.Epidemics in Context: Greek Commentaries on Hippocrates in the Arabic Tradition. (Scientia Graeco-Arabica). Berlin: De Gruyter.
2011. Pormann, P. E. Islamic Medical and Scientific Tradition: Critical Concepts in Islamic Studies. (Critical Concepts in Islamic Studies). London: Routledge.
2007. Pormann, P. E., Akasoy, A. (Ed.), and Montgomery, J. E. (Ed.) Islamic Crosspollinations: Interactions in the Medieval Middle East. Oxford: Oxbow.
2007. Pormann, P. E., & Savage Smith, E. Medieval Islamic Medicine: New Edinburgh Islamic Surveys. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Selected journal articles

2015. Pormann, P. E.’Medical Epistemology in the Medieval Islamic Tradition’, Aspetar(3).
2014. Pormann, P. E. ‘Arabs and Aristophanes, Menander among the Muslims Greek humour in the medieval and modern middle east’, International Journal of the Classical Tradition21(1), 1-29.
2014. Pormann, P. E.  ‘New Fragments from Rufus of Ephesus’ “On Melancholy”‘,  The Classical Quarterly, 649-656.
2014. Pormann, P. E. ‘Female Patients, Patrons and Practitioners in the Medieval Islamic World’,.Aspetar(3), 656-660.
2013. Bhayro, S., Hawley, R., Kessel, G., and Pormann, P. E. ‘The syriac galen palimpsest: Progress, prospects and problems’,  Journal of Semitic Studies58(1), 131-148.
2013. Pormann, P. E. ‘Qualifying and quantifying medical uncertainty in 10th-century Baghdad: Abu Bakr al-Razi’, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine106(9), 370-372.
2012. Adamson, P., & Pormann, P. E. ‘More Heat than Light: Miskawayh’s “Epistle on Soul and Intellect”’, Muslim World102(3-4), 478-524.
2011. Pormann, P. E.  ‘The formation of the Arabic pharmacology between tradition and innovation’, Annals of Science68(4), 493-515.
2010. Pormann, P. E. ‘The continuing tradition of Arab humanism’, International Journal of the Classical Tradition17(1), 95-103.
2010. Pormann, P. E. ‘Medical education in late antiquity from Alexandria to Montpellier’, Studies in ancient medicine|Stud Anc Med. (Vol. 35, pp. 419-441). Leiden: Brill.
2009. Pormann, P. E.’ Female patients and practitioners in medieval Islam’, The Lancet, 373 (9675), 1598-1599.
2009. Pormann, P. E. ‘Classics and Islam: From Homer to al-Qaida’, International Journal of the Classical Tradition84, 197-233.
2008. Joosse, N. P., and Pormann, P. E. ‘Archery, Mathematics, and Conceptualising Inaccuracies in Medicine in 13th Century Iraq and Syria’, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine101, 425-427.
2008. Pormann, P. E. ‘Case notes and clinicians: Galen’s commentary on the hippocratic Epidemics in the Arabic tradition’,  Arabic Sciences and Philosophy18(2), 247-284.
Pormann, P. E. ‘The Arabic Homer: An Untold Story’, Classical and Modern Literature, 27-44.
2005. Pormann, P. E. ‘The physician and the other: Images of the charlatan in medieval islam’,.Bulletin of the History of Medicine79(2), 189-227.
2004. Pormann, P. E.’ Yūhannā ibn sarābiyūn: Further studies into the transmission of his works’, .Arabic Sciences and Philosophy14(2), 233-262.
2003. Pormann, P. E. ‘Theory and Practice in the Early Hospitals in Baghdad – al-Kaŝkarī On Rabies and Melancholy’, Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Arabisch-Islamischen Wissenschaften15, 197-248.

Selected book chapters

2016. Pormann, P. ‘Al-Tarǧamāt al-Yūnānīya al-Suryānīya al-ʿArabīya li-l-nuṣūṣ al-ṭibbīya fī awāʾil al-ʿaṣr al-ʿAbbāsī’ in P. Pormann, and P. Koetschet (Eds.), Našʾat al-Ṭibb al-ʿArabī fī l-qurūn al-wusṭā (La construction de la médecine arabe médiévale). (pp. 43-59). Beirut, Damascus, Cairo: IFPO.
2015. Pormann, P. E. ‘Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine’ in Riches of the Rylands: The Special Collections of the University of Manchester.
2015. Pormann, P. E.‘Greek Thought, Modern Arabic Culture: Classical Receptions since the Nahḍa’, Intellectual History of the Islamicate World3, 291-315.
2013. Pormann, P. E.  ‘Classical Scholarship and Arab Modernity’ in S. Humphreys,and R. Wagner (Eds.), Modernity’s Classics: Ruptures and Reconfigurations. (pp. 123-141). Heidelberg: Springer.
2013. Pormann, P. E. ‘Avicenna on Medical Practice, Epistemology, and the Physiology of the Inner Senses’ in P. Adamson (Ed.), Interpreting Avicenna. (pp. 91-108). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
2013. Pormann, P. E.’Medical Epistemology and Melancholy: Rufus of Ephesus and Miskawayh’ in W. V. Harris (Ed.), Mental Disorders in the Classical World. (pp. 223-243). Leiden: Brill.
2012. Pormann, P. E., and Joosse, N. P. ‘Commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms in the Arabic Tradition: The Example of Melancholy’ in Epidemics in Context: Greek Commentaries on Hippocrates in the Arabic Tradition. (1 ed., pp. 211-249). Berlin: De Gruyter.
2012. Pormann, P. E. ‘The Development of Translation Techniques from Greek into Syriac and Arabic: The Case of Galen’s On the Faculties and Powers of Simple Drugs, Book Six’ in R. Hansberger, M. Afifi Al-Akiti, and C. Burnett (Eds.), Medieval Arabic Thought: Essays in Honour of Fritz Zimmermann. (1 ed., pp. 143-162). London: Warburg Institute.
2010. Pormann, P. E. ‘Islamic Hospitals in the Time of al-Muqtadir’. in J. Nawas (Ed.), Abbasid Studies II: Occasional Papers of the School of ‘Abbasid Studies, Leuven, 28 June – 1 July 2004. (pp. 337-382). Leuven: Dudley.
2010. Pormann, P. E. ‘The Dispute between the Philarabic and Philhellenic Physicians and the Forgotten Heritage of Arabic Medicine’, in Islamic Medical and Scientific Tradition. (Vol. ii, pp. 283-316). Routledge.
2009. Pormann, P. E. ‘Aristotle’s Categories and the Soul: an Annotated Translation of al-Kindī’s That There are Separate Substances’, in J. Dillon, and M. El Kaisy-Friemuth (Eds.), The Afterlife of the Platonic Soul. Reflections on Platonic Psychology in the Monotheistic Religions: Platonism, Neoplatonism and the Platonic Tradition. (pp. 95-106). Leiden: Brill.
2008. Pormann, P. E., and Adamson, P. (Ed.) ‘Medical Methodology and Hospital Practice: The Case of Tenth-century Baghdad’ in In the Age of al-Farabi: Arabic Philosophy in the 4th/10th Century.(pp. 95-118). London: Warburg Institute.
2008. Pormann, P. E.  الترجمات العربية لأعمال جالينوس بين التأريخ والتحديات: دراسة في المواضع الآلمة (Historical Aspects and Future Challenges for the Arabic Translations of Galen’s Works: Case Study on the Affected Parts), in O. F. Riyadh (Ed.), كلاسيكية (Classical Papers). (Vol. 8, pp. 59-76). Cairo.
2007. Pormann, P. E. ‘Islamic Medicine Crosspollinated: A Multilingual and Multiconfessional Maze’, in A. Akasoy, & J. E. Montgomery (Eds.), Islamic Crosspollinations: Interactions in the Medieval Middle East. (pp. 76-91). Cambridge: Gibb Memorial Trust.
2006. Pormann, P. E. ‘Hunayn ibn Ishaq’, ‘Ibn Masawayh’, ‘Ibn Zuhr’, ‘al-Majusi’, ‘al-Zahrawi’, inEncarta Encyclopaedia. Online.
2004. Pormann, P. E. ‘The Alexandrian Summary (Jawāmiʿ) of Galen’s On the Sects for Beginners: Commentary or Abridgment?’, in P. Adamson (Ed.), Philosophy, Science and Exegesis in Greek, Arabic and Latin Commentaries, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. (83 ed., pp. 11-33). London.
2004. Pormann, P. E. ‘La querelle des médecins arabistes et hellénistes et l’héritage oublié’, in V. Boudon-Millot, & G. Cobolet (Eds.), Lire les médecins grecs à la Renaissance: Aux origines de l’édition médicale, Actes du colloque international de Paris. (pp. 113-141). Paris: De Boccard Édition-Diffusion.

Luis Pérez-González – Selected Publications

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Edited books

2012. (with Sebnem Susam-Saraeva) The Translator: Studies in Intercultural Communication 18(2), Special Issue on ‘Non-professionals Translating and Interpreting: Participatory and Engaged Perspectives’.

2012. The Journal of Language and Politics 11(2), Special issue on ‘Translation, Interpreting and the Genealogy of Conflict’.

Selected journal articles

2013. ‘Amateur Subtitling as Immaterial Labour in Digital Media Culture: An Emerging Paradigm of Civic Engagement’, Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 19(2): 157-175. DOI: 10.1177/1354856512466381.

2013. ‘Co-creational Subtitling in the Digital Media: Transformative and Authorial Practices’, International Journal of Cultural Studies 16(1): 3-21. DOI: 10.1177/1367877912459145.

2012. ‘Amateur Subtitling and the Pragmatics of Spectatorial Subjectivity’, Language and Intercultural Communication 12(4): 335-353. DOI: 10.1080/14708477.2012.722100.

2012. (with Sebnem Susam-Saraeva) ‘Non-professionals Translating and Interpreting: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives’, The Translator 18(2). Special Issue on ‘Non-professionals Translating and Interpreting: Participatory and Engaged Perspectives’: 149-165. DOI: 10.1080/13556509.2012.10799506.

2012. ‘Translation, Interpreting and the Genealogy of Conflict’, The Journal of Language and Politics 11(2). Special issue on ‘Translation, Interpreting and the Genealogy of Conflict’: 169-184. DOI: 10.1075/jlp.11.2.01int.

2006. ‘Interpreting Strategic Recontextualization Cues in the Courtroom. Corpus-based insights into the pragmatic force of non-restrictive relative clauses’, Journal of Pragmatics 38: 390-417. DOI:10.1016/j.pragma.2005.05.010.

2000. (with A. Sánchez Macarro) ‘A Computer-aided Re-appraisal of Co-selection: Implications for Interlingual and Intercultural Communication’, Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses 40. Special Issue: ‘Systemic Functional Linguistics across Genres: Present and Future Perspectives’: 95-113.

Selected book chapters

2016. ‘The Politics of Affect in Activist Amateur Subtitling: A Biopolitical Perspective’, in Mona Baker and Bolette Blaagaard (eds) Citizen Media and Public Spaces: Diverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent, London and New York: Routledge, 118-135.

2014. ‘Translation and New(s) Media: Participatory Subtitling Practices in Networked Mediascapes’, in Juliane House (ed.) Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Advances in Linguistics Series, Palgrave Macmillan, 200-221.

2010. ‘‘Ad-hocracies’ of Translation Activism in the Blogosphere: A Genealogical Case Study’, in Mona Baker, Maeve Olohan and María Calzada (eds) Text and Context: Essays on Translation and Interpreting in Honour of Ian Mason, Manchester: St. Jerome, 259-287. ISBN: 1905763255 (pbk).

Advisory Board

Myriam Salama-carr – Selected Publications


2011 (co-ed.) The Translator – Special Issue on Science in Translation 17 (2)
2009 (co-ed.) Forum – Special Issue on Ideology and Translation, 7 (1)
2007 (ed.) Journal of Social Semiotics – Special Issue on Translation and Conflict, 17 (2)
2007 (ed.) Translating and Interpreting Conflict. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, (Approaches to Translation Studies 28)
2000 On Translating French Literature and Film II, (ed. – with introduction and book chapter), Amsterdam: Rodopi
1990 La traduction à l’époque abbasside – l’école de Hunayn Ibn Ishaq, Paris: Didier Erudition. (An Arabic translation was published in Syria in 1998)

Chapters in books

2013 ‘The Translation of Scientific Discourse – Constraints and Challenges’ in Krein-Kuhle, M. et al Kölner Conferenz zur Fachtextübersetzung (2010), Peter Lang Publishers
2009 ‘Translation and Knowledge’ in Krein-Kuhle, M. and M. Schreiber (eds) Publications of the Department of Applied Languages and Cultural Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Peter Lang Publishers
2006 ‘Translation into Arabic in the ‘Classical Age’: When the Pandora’s Box of Transmission
opens”, in Hermans, Theo (ed.) Translating Others Vol. I, Manchester: St Jerome
2006 ‘Translation and the Creation of Genre- The Theatre in Nineteenth-Century Egypt’ in
Hermans, Theo (ed.) Translating Others Vol. II, Manchester: St Jerome
2004 ‘Pourquoi retraduire? Les traductions vers l’arabe à l’âge classique’, in The Medieval Translator VIII, R. Voaden et al. (eds), Brussels : Brepol
1997 ‘Translation as seen by Al-Jahiz and by Hunayn Ibn Ishaq – observer versus practitioner’ in Across the Mediterranean Frontiers: Trade, Politics and Religion 650-1450, Agius, D. and Netton, I. (eds), Brussels: Brepol
1996 ‘Translators and the dissemination of knowledge’,,in J. Delisle and J. Woodsworth (eds) Translators Through History, J. Benjamins/UNESCO Publishing
1995 ‘Les traducteurs, diffuseurs de connaissances’, in J. Delisle and J. Woodsworth (eds) Les traducteurs dans l’histoire, Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa /Editions UNESCO

Articles in journals

2015 ‘Traductologie et traduction du discours scientifique – pour un repositionnement’, Forum 13(2)
2010 ‘L’autocensure et la représentation de l’altérité dans le récit de voyage de rifā’a rāfi’ al- TahTāwī  (1826-1831)’, TTR 23(2)
2009 Arabic translation of 2007 article ‘Negotiating Conflict…’ in FūSūl, guest-edited by Hanna, S.
2007 ‘Negotiating Conflict in nineteenth-century Egypt’ in Salama-Carr, Myriam (ed.) Special Issue of Journal of Social Semiotics – Translation and Conflict , 17(2)
2000 ‘Medieval Translators into Arabic – Scribes or Interpreters?’ in Gaddis-Rose, M. (ed.) Beyond the Western Tradition, Translation Perspectives XI, State of New York University Press
1993 ‘L’évaluation des traductions chez les traducteurs arabes du Moyen-Âge’ in Paul St Pierre (ed.) La traduction dans l’histoire, TTR Vol VI, no.1, Canadian Association for Translation Studies/Université Concordia