Congratulations to Luis Pérez-González

University of Manchester

The Genealogies of Knowledge team is pleased to announce that one of its key members, Co-Investigator Luis Pérez-González, has been promoted to a Chair in Translation Studies at the University of Manchester, in recognition of his achievements in the field.Professor Pérez-González is a translation studies scholar with extensive experience in corpus-driven research and the study of citizen media and activism in the digital culture.

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Civil Society as Ideology in the Middle East: A Critical Perspective

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Jessica Leigh Doyle British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies Volume 43, Issue 3, 2016 Since the early 1990s support for civil society has constituted the linchpin of international efforts in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) to promote democratisation and democratic values.The rationale for this support lies in an understanding of civil society drawn from a liberal-democratic model, which dominates

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