Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

‘People Have Been Frightened Into Silence’ — Campaigners Warn of Threat to Rights from Oil Drilling Injunction
10 Things We Learnt From Reddit About Understanding Climate Change
America’s First Climate Refugees
Anti-Fracking Campaigners Make Final Legal Challenge to Cuadrilla’s Shale Gas Plan
August Date Set for Court of Appeal Hearing on Cuadrilla’s Fracking Site
Borough Council Suggests ‘Undermining Local Democracy’ on Fracking
Brexit Backfire? UK Actually Has More ‘Energy Sovereignty’ Inside the EU Than Out
Brexit, One Year On: Green Tape, Fossil Fuels, and Climate Science Deniers
Brexit: Lobbying Expected to Rise, But What About Government Transparency?
Campaigners Slam ‘Absurd’ Government Fracking Plans as IPCC Scientists Warn of Climate Crisis
Carbon Pollution: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, And The Denial
Caroline Lucas: Anti-Fracking Protesters are ‘on the Right Side of History’
Chemical Giant, Ineos, Plans 30 Frack Wells in UK Within Months
Cleaning Up Canada’s Polluted Public Square
Climate Denialists in Paris Claim They Are Being Shut Out of COP21, While Shutting Out Journalists
Climate Denying GWPF Wants ‘Objective Media Reporting’, Rejects UK Journalist From Annual Conference
Climate Science Deniers’ Favourite Journal Just got ‘Overhauled’ — And it Could Lead to a Skeptic Shutout
Comment: Why I Remain Optimistic about Stopping Earth Becoming a ‘Hothouse’
Conservatives the Only Political Party Still Rooting for Fracking
Court Documents Show Coal Giant Peabody Energy Funded Dozens Of Climate Denial Groups
Cozy Ties: Astroturf ‘Ethical Oil’ and Conservative Alliance to Promote Tar Sands Expansion
DECC Delays Release of Any Information on the CCC’s Independent Fracking and Climate Change Report
DECC Usurped by Treasury and New Infrastructure Commission
Democratic Unionist Party
DeSmog UK Launches To Combat Climate Denial in Europe Ahead of Paris Climate Talks
Did the British Museum Fail to Consider the Ethics of Renewing BP Sponsorship Deal?
Ditching Fossil Fuels: Labour Pledges to Use UK Aid and Credit Agency to Support Low-Carbon Projects Overseas
Ed Miliband: Tory Government ‘Deeply Disappointing’ on Climate Change
Emails Reveal Cuadrilla’s Plans to Change Rules, Not Behaviour, After Fracking Drill Rig Breach
Energy Minister Describes Anti-Fracking Protesters as ‘Shouting Few’ And Pledges to Push Ahead with Shale Gas Plans
Eurosceptics Screen ‘Climate Hustle’ Denial Film to Mostly Empty Room in Brussels Parliament
Exclusive: Global Sea Level Data Agency Hits Back After Unfounded Attacks from Breitbart and Climate Science Deniers
Exposed: The Tory-Trump Plan to Kill Food Safety with Brexit Chicken
Factcheck: Aerosols Research Misinterpreted to ‘Alarming Extent’, Says Study Author
Facts And Evidence Matter In Confronting Climate Crisis
Fears UK Could ‘Cheat’ as Climate Change Excluded from Brexit Watchdog Remit
Fossil Fuel Industry Outspent Environmentalists and Renewables by 10:1 on Climate Lobbying, New Study Finds
Fracking Company Cuadrilla Pushed Lancashire Council to Remove ‘Biased’ Community Group Chair
Fracking Giant INEOS Rejected, Again
Fracking Month of Action Unites Local and National Campaigners in Lancashire
Fracking’s Health Impacts Review ‘Long Overdue” – Activists Petition Public Health England
Friends with Benefits: The Harper Government, and Sun Media Connection
From Donald Trump to Theresa May: How a US-UK Network Pushes Climate Science Denial and Lobbies for a Hard Brexit — Mapped
From Locals Fighting Fossil Fuels to Shadowy Lobbyists: DeSmog UK’s Best Stories of 2017
Government Approves Cuadrilla’s Lancashire Fracking Plans at Preston New Road but Roseacre Wood on Hold
Government Climate Plan has ‘Significant Gaps’, Experts Warn
Government Drops Shale Gas Question from Survey After Fracking Opposition Consistently Outstrips Support
Government’s Brexit Repeal Bill ‘Power Grab’ Threatens UK Environment Regulations
Growing Number of Restrictions Placed by Police, Councils on Anti-Fracking Protests
Growing Pressure for Lobbying Transparency in Climate Talks
Here’s What’s in the Government’s New Air Pollution Plan
How Climate Science Deniers Prop Up the Tory-DUP Alliance Threatening the Good Friday Agreement
How Hard-Brexit Thinktank the Institute for Economic Affairs Helps Climate Science Deniers Push a Deregulation Agenda
How Propaganda (Actually) Works
How Shareholder Activism is Forcing Corporate Change over Climate Crisis
How to Convince Your Neighbors Climate Change Is Real? Stop Calling Them Idiots, Says DeSmog Founder Jim Hoggan
Introducing Dominic Raab — The New Brexit Secretary with Ties to the UK’s Climate Science Denial Network
Investigation: Facebook Surveillance of Fracking Protesters — Background and Key Documents
‘It’s Not Over’: Lancashire Protestors Vow to Continue as Cuadrilla Get Fracking Go-Ahead
Labour Accuses Tories of Using Brexit as Excuse to Undo Environmental Regulations
Leaked Labour Manifesto Promises ‘Leading Role’ on Tackling Climate Change
Let’s Take A Closer Look at the DUP’s Climate Science Denial
Lisa Nandy’s Vision of Energy Democracy Isn’t Idealism – It’s Already Starting to Happen
Making the Future – Shell’s Greenwash Festival Exposed
Mapped: How Brexit Lobbyists Give Climate Science Deniers Privileged Access to the UK Government
Mapped: The Brexiteer Climate Science Denial Network Beneath the Tory-DUP Coalition Pact
Meet the Political Dynasty of Climate Science Deniers Threatening to Withdraw Brazil from the Paris Agreement
MPs Overwhelmingly Reject Moratorium on Fracking
NEOS Pitches Corporate Power Against Democracy with Challenge to Popular Fracking Ban
New Health Secretary Matt Hancock Receives an Annual £4,000 Cash Bundle From Climate Science Denier Funder
Pipeline Deadline: Rushed Review Process for Tar Sands Line 9 Stifles Public Participation
Polar Bears at Ground Zero for Climate Change and Climate Science Deniers
Pressure Mounts for Cabinet Office to Exempt Researchers From New ‘Anti-Lobby’ Public Funding Policy
Public Transport Price Hikes Are Costing the Commuter and the Climate
Republicans Pushing Oil-Friendly Tax Bill Received Significant Donations from BP Employees
Revealed: Most Popular Climate Story on Social Media Told Half a Million People the Science Was a Hoax
Revisiting the Resistance on England’s Fracking Frontline
Rio Earth Summit: From Red Scare to Green Scare
Scientists Slam Movie Clip from Marc Morano’s Climate Hustle Documentary as “Patently Stupid” and Misleading
Scientists: Strengthen Paris Climate Commitments or Expect 2°C Warming by 2050
Sea Level Science Agency Publishes Response to ‘Completely Unwarranted’ Attacks from Climate Deniers
Shareholders Force Big Oil to Acknowledge Climate Risk — But Are Still Waiting for Action
Shell Brandalism and the Pop Stars of Big Oil
Shell has Admitted Climate Change Could Affect the Company’s Bottom Line
Sick as a Dog: Fracking Protests and the Media Blame Game
Sustainable Companies Are Using Trade Associations That Undermine EU Climate Policy
The Fracked North has Already been Written Off as ‘Desolate’, Don’t let it Become Dehydrated Too
‘They Are Not Criminals, They Are Heroes’: Campaigners Gather at London Court for Appeal Against ‘Excessive’ Sentences of Anti-Fracking Protesters
Think Tanks Farming Out Misleading Stories is Most ‘Pernicious’ Problem in Environment Reporting
Trade Department Promotes BP’s Fossil Fuel Interests in Russia as UK Touts Climate Credentials, Docs Reveal
Trade Union Lobbying Risks ‘Slowing Down Transition to Zero-Carbon Future’
TTIP and CETA Hit by Court Ruling that EU Must Listen to Citizens on Trade Deals
UK Council Pensions Investing £16.1 Billion In Fossil Fuels
Unaccountable Oil: Is Enbridge Already Polluting the Canadian (Political) Environment?
Watchdog Calls for ‘Urgent’ Review of Police Tactics at Fracking Protests
Web of Power: Cambridge Analytica and the Climate Science Denial Network Lobbying for Brexit and Trump
What do Third Energy’s Troubles Mean for UK Fracking?
What Theresa May’s Cabinet Reshuffle Means for Energy and Climate Change
Where Do Labour Leadership Candidates Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith Stand on Climate and Energy?
Why Is The Science Museum In A Spin Over Its Shell Sponsorship?
Will Mainstream Media Be Duped in 2018 by Climate Denial Spin Doctors?
Yes, Reindeer are Threatened by Climate Change