Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

‘Russian passport, please’
‘Two states’ or ‘one state’ with full citizenship for the Palestinians: a misleading dichotomy
“Brothers, be careful. Don’t meet up in Grozny”
14 Shocking Facts That Prove the US Criminal Justice System Is Racist
21st century citizenship: Education + Participation + Technology
A bonfire of citizen’s rights
A climate activist’s guide to climate sceptics
A confident UK has nothing to fear from free movement of labour
A rights-based approach to technology: gathering admissible evidence and the eyeWitness to Atrocities app
Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence
After Scotland decides: build citizen-centred democracy throughout Britain
‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ mechanics: the rejection of (climate) science
Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the wider fallout from the Iraq invasion
An opportunity missed? The government response to the Youth Citizenship Commission
Are smaller avenues of collective self-determination emerging out of the crisis?
Automatic transformation of EU citizenship rights is the way forward
BBC bias and the Scots referendum – new report
Brexit, the Commonwealth, and exclusionary citizenship
Britain and the European debate on the uses of secrecy in court
British citizen, British justice?
Building civic agency: the public-work approach
Building cultural citizenship with women seeking refuge and asylum
Bush’s “war on science” through the microscope
Business lessons for human rights: borrowing evidence-based practices
Cameron’s approach to “British values” is outdated and divisive
Campaign culture matters: Bringing together awareness and evidence
Changing the racialized ‘common sense’ of everyday bordering
Chilcot’s blind spot: Iraq War report buries oil evidence, fails to address motive
Citizen action and the perverse confluence of opposing agendas
Citizens without frontiers
Citizenship after orientalism – an introduction
Citizenship deprivation: A new politics of nationalism?
Citizenship in Scotland’s future
Climate change: a window to act
Climate change: a window to act
Closed courts and secret evidence: Britain’s own Guantanamo Bay
Community Rights: where’s the evidence?
Consumer or citizen?
Control Orders – what’s Britain’s problem with the evidence? Is there a US connection
Corruption, Islamism, and Twitter in Turkey
Cosmopolitan citizenship in the Middle East
Creating subjects in Lavasa: the private city
Critical citizenship for critical times
Daniel Goldhagen and Kenya: recycling fantasy
Denizens and the Precariat
DiEM25 and the search for a European demos
Digital citizenship: from liberal privilege to democratic emancipation
Doreen Lawrence, police spies and institutional racism
Education: moving from indoctrination to liberation
Eight reasons you really can’t trust the Tories with the NHS
Ending HIV: ideology vs evidence at the UN
Europe and the refugees: a demographic enlargement
European union – a cosmopolitan legal space
Evidence of trauma: the impact of human rights work on advocates
Evidence-based policy and democracy
Experimenting with citizens’ assemblies in the UK
Extremism and ‘Prevent’: the need to trust in education
Farewell to feudalism?
Follow the evidence: our series on ‘research and representation’
France’s surveillance: justice, freedom and security in the EU
Germany’s surveillance: justice, freedom and security in the EU
Government u-turn on safe nursing levels branded a “betrayal” by Mid-Staffs campaigners
Hard facts and soft law: what’s the evidence?
Hard proof or soft evidence: the case of biological weapons
Here comes the citizen co-producer
HIV: what kind of evidence counts ?
How ‘evidence-based’ anti-trafficking campaigns make facts and mismeasure freedom
How one man was stripped of his UK citizenship—twice
How ‘unelectable’ is Jeremy Corbyn?
Human rights after Hitler: and the essential role of the global popular
Ingenuity and British citizenship in unpropitious times
Integration, integration, integration – the fundamental missing from Britain’s immigration policy
Introducing this week’s guest feature – Imagining Conspiracies: science                                                                 .                   Home  .     openDemocracy  About   openGlobalRights   Human rights and the internet   Shine a light
Is evidence all it will take?
Israel passes legislation to reclassify its Christian citizens as ‘non-Arab’
Italy’s Jobs Act: where is the evidence?
Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an ‘antisemitism problem’. His opponents do.
Kanak Attak: discursive acts of citizenship in Germany
Lacking Cohesion? Cameron’s National Citizen Service
Lebanese women and full citizenship rights: a mesh of patriarchy, politics and confessionalism
Legitimating immigration regimes in the European Union
Lessons from Love Canal: toxic expertise and environmental justice
Lords impede UK citizen-stripping move
Losing citizenship and democratic authority in Europe
Making global citizenship education possible for refugees
Mathas, gurus and citizenship in colonial India
Migrant Mothers: creative interventions into citizenship
Migrants as activist citizens in Italy
Mistrust of medical science is not merely the product of ignorance
More than smoke and mirrors: citizen perceptions of human rights
Mr Cameron, the renegotiation and evidence-based policy making
Multicultural citizenship and the anti-sharia storm
Multiculturalism and citizenship: responses to Tariq Modood
Multiculturalism, citizenship and national identity
Muslims and European multiculturalism
Neurotic Britishness: why are we threatened by the multi-lingual home?
New parliamentary report on TTIP highlights its dangers
Newspapers, not the BBC, led the way in biased election coverage
NHS privatisation soars 500% in the last year, finds in-depth new study
No, the next wave of extremists won’t be greens
Nomads and migrants: Deleuze, Braidotti and the European Union in 2014
On the trail of Britain’s undercover police
One Facebook post which shook Russia
Opponents of grammar schools have truth on their side, but truth alone won’t win the battle of ideas
Poppi Worthington: back to the future of child protection politics
Prevent and anti-extremism education
Regulating sexual citizenship in Singapore
Rethinking basic income in a sharing society
Rethinking citizenship: revisiting the 2004 Irish Citizenship Referendum a decade later
Running the numbers on ICC deterrence: when does it actually work?
Science and the corporate university in Britain
Secret Courts: 8 nightmare scenarios now possible in Britain
Self-determined citizens? A new wave of civic activism in Armenia
Shameful scare-mongering over a “hung parliament” ignores all the evidence
Shocking new evidence could overturn Northern Ireland ruling that became an international blueprint for torture
Socratic citizenship in twenty-first century Europe
South Africa: Gender equality and morality as citizenship
Spatial struggles: Teatro Valle Occupato and the (right to the) city
Srebrenica’s search for justice
Statelessness as forced displacement
States, religious diversity, and the crisis of secularism
SuperMedia: the future as “networked journalism”
Syriza one year on: what happened to the radical left dream in Greece?
Taking a flawed stand against orientalism
The battle of Britishness in the age of Brexit: Akala talks to the Convention
The billions of wasted NHS cash no-one wants to mention
The border spectacle of migrant ‘victimisation’
The character of citizenship: denying the rights of asylum seekers and criminalising dissent
The CIA in Ecuador? Corruption, the press and the National Endowment for Democracy
The commercial republic: a contradiction in terms?
The contentious politics of China’s New Citizens Movement
The corporate wax nose
The creation of Palestinian citizenship under an international mandate: 1918-1925
The drowned and the saved: Foucault’s texts on migration and solidarity
The Financial Ombudsman, a fair service?
The General Strike to Corbyn: 90 years of BBC establishment bias
The human organs of the Council of Europe: there is no evidence in the Marty report
The ICC’s deterrent impact – what the evidence shows
The International Court of Justice: Serbia, Bosnia, and genocide
The lack of British interest in Northern Ireland’s crucial election is more evidence that the union is dead
The missing link in the UK general election – corruption
The modern Gandhi
The multiple truths of the Labour antisemitism story
The myth of resettlement in Delhi
The neo-Athenian revival: citizen participation in the twenty-first century
The new Balkan revolts: from protests to plenums, and beyond
The people’s web: Russia’s citizen bloggers
The practical necessity of utopian thinking
The promise of citizenship: autonomy and abject choices
The return of oppression in Tunisia
The right to the city as a citizen’s practice
The rights and duties of international citizenship
The rocky road to citizen rule
The secret war: British nationals stripped of their citizenship
The shadow citizenry
The tensions between Muslim identity and Western citizenship
The toll of rape and the lack of conviction
The UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill is about to become law – here’s why that should terrify us
The wastefulness of human trafficking awareness campaigns
Theresa May, citizenship and the power to make people stateless
Theresa May, populism and citizenship
To address the global food crisis, we have to address the power of big agribusiness
To overcome planetary challenges, we must establish a world parliament
Torture evidence: a secret between Britain and her allies?
Toward a Converging Cosmopolitan Project?
Towards an inclusive and pluralistic citizenship in Syria
UK immigration rules vs. the best interests of children
UK migration policy: we need to talk about citizens
Unsafe Turkey, unsafe Europe
Updating Europe’s narrative: “It’s the citizen, stupid!”
Values, not just science, need to be central to the climate change debate
Variations on citizenship in a wider Europe: a round-table discussion
Was Margaret Thatcher right about drugs?
We need to re-examine Corbyn’s so-called ‘dangerous friendships’
We’ve triggered Article 50. Is this such a tragedy for Europe?
What ‘Citizen Bannon’ misremembered and misread on his way to guiding Trump
What does it mean to be a global citizen?
What does it mean to be an engaged global citizen?
What is Britishness? Citizenship, Values and Identity
What is evidence anyway? Activism in the era of post-truth
What is Post-fascism?
What is the fifth estate?
What is the nature of the “Ukraine crisis”?
What would a world without barriers to feminist solidarity look like?
When is citizen participation transformative?
Where’s the evidence? Moving from ideology to data in economic and social rights
Who is the subject of digital rights?
Who’s afraid of the evidence about what works in the NHS?
Who’s keeping a lid on “priceless” whistleblower information in our health system – and why?
Why are so many Syrian children being left stateless?
Why Conservative candidates avoided charges despite breaking rules of over-spending at the last election
Why do people reject climate change?
Why don’t we know if anti-trafficking initiatives work?
Why on earth would leftists go out of their way to support Cage?
Why the right to science matters for everyone
Will ‘care in the community’ leave the elderly wandering in the streets?
Will evidence of crimes against humanity change anything in Mexico?
Women and science: time to cut the Neurotrash
Women defining economic citizenship