Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

A Critical Appraisal of “Chronic Lyme” in the NEJM
A global warming conspiracy theorist has won 4 states, should we be worried?
A history of denialism – Part II – Tobacco companies
Abdominal adiposity and risk of death, or “belly fat’ll kill ya’”
Accountability in Science Journalism: two recent examples of failures in the NYT and Forbes
Alternative medicine quacks deny efficacy of conventional medicine
Another assault on Evidence-based medicine
Anti-GMO study is appropriately dismissed as biased, poorly-performed
Anti-GMO writers show profound ignorance of basic biology and now Jane Goodall has joined their ranks
Are liberals really more likely to accept science than conservatives
Are Liberals really more likely to accept science than conservatives Part II
Attacking consensus – a sure sign of a crank
Bill Maher, the moronic Food Babe, and the NYT discusses what to call climate change denialists
Can’t get into med school? Legislate your own doctorate!
Cancer 201—treatment basics
Cell Phones and Cancer – Scaremongering from the Independent
Connecticut Attorney General practicing medicine without a license
Conspiracy Theorists are Just Like the Westboro Baptists
Crank Convergence
Cult medicine vs. professional medicine
Cults are bad for your health
Damore’s Pseudoscientific Google manifesto is a better evidence for sexism than it is for intellectual sex difference
Denialism From Forbes Courtesy of Heartland Hack James Taylor
Denialism in the Literature
Denying AIDS – A book by Seth Kalichman
Do I have clients or patients?
Do microwaves “nuke” the nutrients in food?
Does Smoking Cannabis Cause Schizophrenia?
Drug Shortages Reveal the Free Market is Failing Our Sickest Patients
Environmentalism and anti-science, how GMOs prove any ideological extremity leads to anti-science
Environmentalists Must Face Down the Anti-Science in Their Own House
Excellent GMO debate hosted at Intelligence Squared – a summary
Fake diseases, part deux–chronic Lyme disease
Fake Experts
False equality
Galileo, Semmelweis, and YOU!
George Will Controversy Now Over – Mooney Cleans His Clock
Gun Control Part II: My response to Matt Springer
H. influenzae—it ain’t the flu, but it’s still pretty cool
Hello Scienceblogs
Homeschooling needs either tighter regulation or to be banned
Huffington Post is a denialist website
I love careless stupidity
Impossible expectations (and moving goalposts)
It’s Been 50 Years, Time to Drop The Conspiracy Theories
Jenny McCarthy is an idiot—and I don’t mean that in a nice way
Louis Gordon Crovitz’s Disinformation Age
Medical Hypotheses—“just make shit up; we’ll publish it”
Mooney now agrees with us – Denialists deserve ridicule, not debate
Morgellons—cranks in search of a disease
Myths about Divorce
O Pangloss!
Obesity – A new study and what it means to be a “healthy weight”
Obesity – Primary vs. Secondary prevention
On being a doctor—humility and confidence
One Year of Denialism Blog
Physical therapy+massage+woo=chiropractic
Pollan and Bittman, the Morano and Milloy of GMO anti-science
Profiting from others’ suffering—the difference between skeptical doctors and crooks
Rape on Campus Should be a Never Event
Rating your doctor online – is this a good idea?
Rebecca Watson’s Skepticon talk is NOT an example of science denialism
Should IQ and Race be studied and what is Lysenkoism anyway?
So, you’ve elected a conspiracy theorist
The Autism/Vaccines Fraud
The Dr. Will Sue You Now – A stolen chapter from Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Science
The New Scientist Debates Denialism
The Rolling Stone Fallout and What This Means for Rape Victims
The Times doesn’t know Bayes
There is no such thing as alternative medicine
This is why you should never source Wikipedia
Tissue is the issue–revised version
Tribalism, Cultural Cognition, Ideology, we’re all talking about the same thing here
Unified theory of the crank
What happens when you study conspiracy theories? The conspiracy theorists make up conspiracy theories about you!
What is at the root of denial? A Must Read from Chris Mooney in Mother Jones
What is the cause of excess costs in US healthcare? Take two
What should a national health care system look like?
Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?
Why we should be concerned Tamerlan Tsaernev read Infowars