Articles Selected for the Genealogies of Knowledge Corpus

Administrative State Circumvents Consent of the Governed
Albanian Election Killing Deepens Democracy Concerns
America Not Immune to Decay of Democracy
America’s Liberal Democracy Crusade is Ending
Amid Multitude of Woes, Egypt Leader Says Democracy Is Back
As Bureaucracy Grows Democracy, Freedom Wane
Bloomberg Donating $20 Million to Democratic Senate Candidates
Clinton Decries Belarus Crackdown at Democracy Talks
Clinton Outlines Road Ahead for Arab Democracy
Democracy Can’t Afford Dems’ Anti-Trump Propaganda War
Democracy Is on the Decline Across the World
Democracy on Display at Bush Library
Democrat Silence on Antifa Violence Unnerving
Democratic Corruption Finally Coming Home to Roost
Democratic Intensity Waning Ahead of 2018 Midterms
Democratic Senator All for Transparency — Except on Russia Probe
Democratic Socialists Secretly Plot Communist Takeover
Democratic, GOP Lawmakers: Memo Doesn’t Clear Trump in Probe
Democrats Are Fire-Breathing Mad
Dems’ Own Disarray Could Mean Blue Wave Wipeout
Dershowitz: Speculation About Trump’s Mental Health ‘Very Dangerous’
Despite Janus Ruling, Public Sector Bargaining Still Erodes Democracy
Dick Morris: Dems Mistakenly Chase ‘Fool’s Gold’ in Trump Scandals
DNC Will Save Democracy From Being Undermined
Doug Schoen: Macron Victory May Hold Key to Saving Democracy
Ed Klein: Soros, Liberal Billionaires Behind ‘Sometimes Violent’ Anti-Trump Protests
Egypt Is Moving Away from Democracy
Emails Reveal Democratic Party Has No Positive Agenda
EU Warns of Democracy Ending in Greece, Spain
Ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden: ‘America as Nicaragua’
‘Fake News’ and ‘Our Democracy’
Founding Fathers Understood Democracy’s Spending Curse
‘Free Iran’ Event in Paris to Showcase Growing Democracy Movement
George Soros Undeterred by Recent Democratic Losses
Georgia’s Democracy and Russia’s Shadow
GOP Potential Strong as Primary Season Arrives
Gorbachev on WikiLeaks: Fire Diplomats, Russian Democracy Still Alive
Heather Nauert: Trump Presenting ‘Principled Realism’ to UN
History Shows Bernie Sanders’ ‘People’s Party’ Idea Likely to Lose
Hoekstra to Obama: Support Mideast Democracy
In Egypt Election, El-Sissi Imposes Stability over Democracy
Income Taxes: A Pox on Democracy
Iran Protests Show Government-Run Internet Threatens Democracy
Is Democracy Really an American Middle East Goal?
Kavanaugh and the Death and Decline of Democracy
LA Times: Don’t End Birthright Citizenship
Liberal ‘Money Hub’ Aims to Mobilize Democratic Base
Liberal Outrage Won’t Protect Our Democracy
Liberals’ Refusal to Govern Sensibly Drives People Out of California
Lieberman: Incivility Threatens to Destroy Our Democracy
Maldives Prepares for Polls Seen as Test for Young Democracy
McCain’s Patriotism Can Best Trump’s Nationalism
Mistrust in Democratic Institutions Leads to Collapse of Democracy
Moderate Candidates Are Democrats’ Path to Victory in Midterms
Obama Boosts Dems Redistricting Group
Obama Faces Pushback from Disillusioned Democrats
Obama in Glass House Throws Stones at Trump
Obama to Dems: ‘If We Don’t Vote, Then This Democracy Doesn’t Work’
Obama-Clinton Goal Was to Create a Permanent Democratic Majority
Obama’s Criticism of Identity Politics Better Late Than Never
Ocasio-Cortez Is Better News for the GOP Than the Democrats
Open Borders Devalue Citizenship
Parkland Senior: NRA Resistance to Gun Law Changes ‘Disgusting’
Path to Citizenship: Who Doesn’t Have to Take Naturalization Test?
Poland Advances Democracy, Security Under Defense Minister Macierewicz
Pollster Pat Caddell: Harry Reid Is a ‘Disgrace to Democracy’
Putin Can’t Extinguish Democracy
Red-State Democratic Senators Face Tough Choice on Kavanaugh
Report: Troops Applying for US Citizenship in Decline
Rhode Island’s Incumbent Congressmen Win Democratic Primaries
Sanders: ‘Authoritarian’ Trump Wants to ‘Undermine American Democracy’
Sex Scandals Damaging Both Democratic and Republican Brands
Socialist Takeover of Democratic Party Great News for Republicans
Steve Forbes: Democratic Congress Will Try to ‘Destroy Trump’
Super PACs Outspending Party Campaign Committees in Midterms
Superdelegates Could Insulate GOP From Hostile Takeovers
Supreme Court No Longer Above the Political Fray
The Case for Instant Democracy in Iraq
The Effort to Overthrow the Democratically Elected President
The Left’s Threat to Democracy
The Socialism Debate Has Begun
The US Is Undemocratic by Its Very Nature
Third of Americans Would Pass US Citizenship Test, Survey Says
Tim Kaine: Trump’s ‘Suspense’ Answer on Election Threatens Democracy
Trump Blocks Release of Democratic Memo on Russia Probe
Trump Slams Obama for Allegedly Granting US Citizenship to 2,500 Iranians
Trump Would Deny Legal Status to Immigrants Who Accept Public Benefits
Trump’s Rise Among Blacks Will Mute Left’s Racism Cries
Tunisia Vulnerable to Forces Against Democracy
U.S. Should Encourage Democracy in Africa
Understanding True Meaning of Democracy
Unhinged Democratic Party Inspiring People to #WalkAway
Unreconciled Political Differences May Bring Democracy Down
Upset of Democratic House Leader Points to Party Divisions
US Aid to Protesters Should Foster Democracy — Not Radicalism
US Launches Bid to Find Citizenship Cheaters
Walid Phares: Iranian Democracy May Be Emerging
What the Constitution and Its Amendments Say About Voting Rights
Will Tribalism Trump Democracy?
With 2018 Looming, Democrats Divided on Their Core Message
World Condemns Morsi Decree Making Him ‘New Pharaoh’
World Peace vs. World Domination: A View Beyond Good and Evil