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Genealogies of Knowledge

Genealogies of Knowledge Research Network

Coordinated by

Mona Baker, Jan Buts and Henry Jones

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The Genealogies of Knowledge Research Network seeks to connect scholars across disciplinary, linguistic and geographical boundaries with a focus on corpus-based conceptual research, and to promote the use of the corpora built by the Genealogies of Knowledge Project. This website provides all the necessary information about the project and its outputs. If you are interested in a potential collaboration, please feel free to contact one of the Network’s coordinators. Our corpora and the dedicated suite of software tools are freely accessible.  If you have made extensive use of our resources for research purposes and plan to do so in the future, we welcome membership applications subject to the condition that you have published peer-reviewed research that explicitly engages with the corpora or software developed by the project.

To enquire about membership of the Network, please contact Henry Jones ( 


Current Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Mona Baker
  • Jan Buts
  • Henry Jones
  • Kamran Karimullah
  • Saturnino Luz
  • Luis Pérez-González
  • Shane Sheehan
  • Stephen Todd