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Cairn International | 14 June 2017


Cairn International’s Monthly Dossier is a free email publication, in English, looking at current events through the prism of francophone scholarly publishing.

The ambition of Cairn’s Monthly Dossiers is to draw your attention to what’s being published in the francophone world in the fields of social sciences and humanities by providing a practical and global context to the work of selected scholars.

Drawing from Cairn’s extensive journal collection, each dossier features:

  • An editorial by author and journalist Olivier Postel-Vinay
  • A selection of 3 journal articles, translated in English from the original French and made available on Cairn International Edition for free
  • An interview with a non-francophone scholar on the topic at hand
  • Suggestions for further reading on the topic, on Cairn and elsewhere

The first two dossiers will focus on:

  • Universal Basic Income: Utopia or logical consequence of labor automation?
  • Populism: Understanding the appeal of populist rhetoric.

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