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The Genealogies of Knowledge project is designed to support a wide range of studies that may be pursued by scholars of intellectual history, history of science, classics and ancient history, translation studies, corpus linguistics, discourse studies, and those interested in the ongoing contestation of mainstream perspectives on governance, the environment, migration, citizenship and a range of other key issues in society.

This section of the site offers a glimpse of some of the studies that can be pursued using the resources provided by the project. The emphasis is on suggesting methodological routes through the vast and complex set of corpora and text analysis software:

In all of these examples, we understand translation to include more diffuse forms of mediation than direct interlingual translation. We therefore include commentaries such as George Grote’s (1888) on Plato’s Dialogues and Abu al-Faraj ibn at-Tayyib’s eleventh-century Arabic commentary on Aristotle’s Categories. We also include works that are heavily dependent on ancient texts, such as Grote’s History of Greece (which draws on Thucydides and Herodotus).